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  1. Any chance Shore's score could be released in the near future, @Doug Adams ?? Having it alongside JNH's fantastic score would be wonderful.
  2. It will be interesting to hear how the NZSO sound with Junkie XL's scoring style compared with Howard Shore's who wrote specifically FOR them. We'll probably get a BOFTA-like scoring mix with an electronic bombastic percussion flavour!
  3. My guess is Junkie XL after Conrad Pope wrote he has just finished conducting the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra for the composer's upcoming knockout score. There is only one director who would use NZSO for his movies. The relationship with Howard Shore is clearly over. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10214992927929607&id=1621614403
  4. I agree here. I think the narrative would have been far too slow and dragged out following the source material. Bringing out the Appendices in the Hobbit actually connects this trilogy to LOTR in a major way. The music is also a major boost to the movie and as a listening experience. There is nowhere near the kind of musical depth on display in the 2010s' as Shore expresses with The Hobbit. As Chen says, BOFTA's problem is the music mix. The music sounds like it's choking from compression.
  5. If only the PJ and Shore relationship hadn't turned sour since King Kong... Give me JNH for this one!
  6. Shoot, nearly 3 years ago! Must be so frustrating, Doug, having no say in the matter. They give you the all clear to do a Hobbit music book and help reissue Shore's LOTR music yet there appears no immediate desire to move these projects into fruition. We all thought the end of that Tolkien lawsuit was going to fix everything.
  7. This is what I was referring to. Would be a huge shame to see the potential of these re-releases dragging on like Doug's Hobbit book.
  8. JJ should have directed this entire trilogy. Leave Johnson to do the next trilogy. To think, from a year ago to TLJ's release, the hype for Johnson was ecstatic. His reputation's dropped big time.
  9. One of the best scores of all time. Do it! Doug recently tweeted indicating that these reissues may be years away.
  10. Interestingly, in regard to Middle-Earth cliffhangers, LOTR did not have one. What we got was a powerful moment at the end of FOTR and TTT to prepare us for the next part of the movie's journey. We know where the Hobbits are heading and we are preparing to witness a large-scale war between good and evil to decide the fate of the ring. The Hobbit had a really powerful cliffhanger in DOS. That was part two in the trilogy, though. Aside from The Force Awakens, has there been a memorable cliffhanger to end the first film of a planned trilogy? Are first film cliffhangers common?
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