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  1. Free stream available: https://www.bso.org/brands/tanglewood/features/2020-tanglewood-season/the-best-of-tanglewood-on-parade.aspx Around the 1 hour mark, JW conducts "Hymn to the Fallen" and 3 pieces from Hook (at a concert in, I believe, the late 1990s). I believe the Hook part has been available on YouTube for a while but I'd never seen the "Hymn to the Fallen" footage, which was very nice.
  2. Takemitsu Viola Concerto. My favorite bit currently, with the low strings entering under the soaring viola: This whole piece shimmers and sparkles. Wonderful stuff, and the parallels w/ JW's Tree Song (and other work) are very clear.
  3. Hmm but the Pops site says "Nashville fiddler Mark O’Connor is also featured" on tonight's broadcast. But I don't see O'Connor on the program you link to. I guess that means the TV program will splice together parts of multiple concerts? In which case presumably the chance of getting JW's Olympic Fanfare or JFK from the concert program you link to are very low.
  4. @Jay It's not clear whether this concert actually has any Williams music, but apparently it's at least conducted by him.
  5. This is a lovely interview. It's super cool that he's now aware of Prof. Lehman's work. It's also awesome that he might be aware of JWFan!! I say "might be," though, because I don't think we can definitively conclude as much from this article. The key passage: "Now scholars like Lehman specialize in the field, and online fan sites chronicle minutiae. Williams is delighted by that attention, yet he wishes that concert composers also got their due." Notice that none of this is a direct quote -- it is all Ross' words. It's virtually certain that the "online fan site[]" referred to mu
  6. This is truly marvelous. His conducting style is so energetic. Btw, @crumbs, what was the YouTube video you linked to earlier in this thread? It seems to have been deleted but I'm just wondering.
  7. Just saw about this album (probably already been discussed lol but I just saw it). https://www.warnerclassics.com/fr/release/airlines Supposedly coming in August. Includes recording of Palleas et Melisande!!
  8. True, forgot about the fact that she adores JW. Yeah, you're right, we will probably get a release.
  9. Great thread idea @karelm -- you're absolutely right that this is so difficult to put into words, but it's really something I've noticed and loved about JW's music for the least few years. These sorts of mystical, ethereal moments never fail to move me emotionally, even more so than his grand orchestral moments. Somehow this type of music seems to me to underscore the fragility, indeed the ephemeral nature, of time, and of moments in our lives (or those of the characters on screen). Although I think Williams is best at this, Horner is also brilliant at it (actually, perhaps even e
  10. Finally got time to listen to this on Thursday! Wonderful to hear JW and Dudamel. Lovely introduction to the Beethoven & Mozart pieces also, which I'd actually never heard before. The Jupiter symphony has now become one of my favorite classical pieces! I'm glad to hear JW echo the interviewer's characterization of his film scoring as being "on pause." Although that doesn't necessarily mean he has any projects lined up right now, it would seem to indicate that, at the very least, JW hasn't yet made a decision to retire from film scoring, and is still open to future projects (pe
  11. I think Disney's work with Star Wars has overall been very good, although I would have liked Lucas to have a little more involvement. I think Kathleen Kennedy has generally done a solid job honoring his vision, though, including by bringing back original people like JW. To be sure, there are definitely some choices I would have made differently, and I thought the films deteriorated in quality after the high point of TFA.
  12. They're both utter masterpieces, but I have to go with Potter. That score really moves me emotionally -- albeit perhaps in large part because the film is near and dear to my heart. Just such wonderful marriage of music and picture (at least to those who like the movie):
  13. OK so apparently this is postponed indefinitely...
  14. Unfortunately, the Pops has posted the second episode of the series and it is virtually entirely about Lockhart's tenure, with only a few small glimpses of JW:
  15. I don't think there's a thread on this yet... https://www.pacificsymphony.org/VirtualConcert Haven't had time to really watch it yet, but looks cool (although the on-screen commentary is a bit annoying). From a quick skim, it appears there is some JW interview footage, although I have no idea whether this footage has been previously released or when it was recorded. I am also not sure when the featured performances were recorded. Presumably sometime within the last couple years at a concert.
  16. Good point - I noticed the rating too and was a little confused.
  17. Right, that's why I assumed it must have been recorded earlier. Maybe sometime in the 2000s the Pops decided to record interviews with key figures for potential use later.
  18. Yeah that was really cool to see! I hope there will be more JW coming! I wonder though - when were these interviews w/ JW recorded? Surely not this month, right?
  19. Both lovely videos - 1996 and 2002. Both had previously been on YouTube, but (particularly for 2002) in much lower quality. They certainly are far from HD even now, but at least they are better. Very great to watch again. For "Summon the Heroes": The image and sound of the herald trumpets on the roof of the stadium playing JW fanfares as the sun sets behind them is unbelievably epic.
  20. Took me several listens over the last couple years to really get into this, but it's marvelous: Love the use of synths and other unconventional orchestration.
  21. "Going to School" from Memoirs Also "High School Teacher" from SPR: And: Plus these gems:
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