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  1. Let's not forget some things. Firstly, John was disrespected by a name orchestra (Boston Symphony?) and he literally folded up his conductors sheet and walked off stage during practice. He's just as human as the next person, so he has his moments as do we all. (I am reminded of what Mr Rogers said: that no one can tell a phony as well as a child can. Having seen Williams my entire life, I can safely say that the "wise old gentle grandfather" thing isn't an act.) Secondly, an interview a few years back with the former Timpani player on the LSO described John Williams as "a steel fist inside a velvet glove". Meaning the man is entirely professional and expects the best from his others when it comes to the work. It's an ethic that came from his parents generation, who struggled to make ends meet through the Great Depression and never turned down work (though this is more exemplified by Jerry Goldsmith.)
  2. Does anyone here know if there was ever a piano book that had any of the music from Williams's Spacecamp? I'm looking to starting up piano lessons again.
  3. Johnny is the only reason I'm interested in VIII after disliking VII. If he doesn't return - health (God help us), disinterest, feeling he has nothing new to say, whatever the case may be - neither will I. i do think that quote from the concert was said with a bit of a wink, but I can't help but feel there was a sigh in three too?
  4. I'm not musically educated in the slightestest but I do hear a lot of Johnny "calling back" to a couple of prequel moments, more particularly Kylo Ren's theme being similar to the second half of "Anakin's Dark Deeds". (Sorry if I'm late on this, I haven't been on the board in almost three months!)
  5. It would be nice to have - but until then, I have other things to listen to.
  6. While I prefer the performance of the LSO - personal tastes, mind you, the LA players are amazing and did an A+ job, theres simply a different style between the two and I prefer the other - I have to admit that this is the best sounding Star Wars score recorded by Johnny so far. The details are incredible. That reminds me: Does anyone here know the principal trumpet on this Episode VII score?
  7. Its probably my favorite part of the new score - but is it the best? Not by a country mile.
  8. Of course you can make up dozens of stories out of anything (eg. Darth vader as a baby, Darth vader goes to University, Han Solo teen comedy etc.), but are they really needed? that is what I'm asking. The core thematic elements have been exhausted, and every addition is the same things just with another wrapping. Personally I can't think of a 4th, 5th , 6th and so on film that was at least just as good and presented something new, to the original films. Anyway, this is the score thread so maybe we should talk about it in the other thread. I had a theory that, in some early draft in the 70s, the whole Obi-Wan/Anakin/Padme dynamic was cribbed from the Arthur/Lancelot/Guenevere love triangle from Mallory's La Morte De Arthur. In fact, before AOTC came out, I was basically sure that Lucas was going to go in this direction (its dramatically better in every possible way) - but he didn't. That said, its obvious we can retell a story in different ways - theres only a set number of stories to tell, something like a dozen or so - but its like the George Carlin line about playing the Blues: "Its not enough to know which notes to play, you need to know WHY they need to be played." which is a lesson JJ has never once picked up on.
  9. I'm VERY pleased to hear Gustavo Dudamel conducted some of it! I'm a great admirer of his.
  10. Mario Millo's The Lighthorsemen - a score that I had to order from the other side of the world. Lovely little score, a bit like a western.
  11. Allow me to put all your minds at ease. I have said that John Williams will live forever. So it shall be so. Thus, he will score the entire sequel trilogy.
  12. TPM was probably the last Star Wars score I'll love but I ain't hating on this new one.
  13. I haven't given it a complete go thru but what I've taken away is this: though the themes in it are good (especially Rey's, which seems very Potterish to me?), I'm waaaay more impressed with the arrangement and orchestrations in this. There is a depth to the harmonies that was lacking in ROTS and most other Williams scores of late. Maybe thats just me though.
  14. I can relate to that, but unfortunately, hyperbole is inevitable when it comes to a film from a franchise with a huge fanbase. Especially in this case, where the last three films were not well-received by the fans, so they want this film to be great. They want to love it. Honestly, I'm not surprised many people are calling it "the best Star Wars film eva!". It was bound to happen. But hopefully, in time, people will come to their senses and start making a fairer assessment of the film's qualities and flaws. Thats really all I ask for. Enjoyment and enthusiasm are wonderful but I just really bristle when I read internet hyperbole or come across fanaticism.
  15. Eh, I just get tired / frustrated with people drumming up how great something is when its just warmed over stuff from last year's turd buffet. Its why I stopped going to SA and other forums. Its one thing to like a thing and acknowledge its flaws, its another thing to scream how amazing something is when it really isn't.
  16. (I originally edited out my rant but I'll reply to this.) Cameron is many things but hes probably the best "recycler" in Hollywood. All of his movies are cribbed from previous films - Aliens is The Thing From Another World, The Terminator is from The Outer Limits, Terminator 2 is just the first movie writ large, True Lies is a remake, Titanic is a remake of several other films about the Titanic - but he at least understands how to make something original or, if not original, at least fresh. He also writes people pretty damn well and understands motivation. Cameron also only cribs ideas, as opposed to Abrams who steals story ideas wholesale - Lost ripped off Peter Weir's Fearless (an existential airplane crash to Symphony Of Sorrowful Songs as the lead character questions morality), Alias is just a shitty La Femme Nikita / 007 show, Super 8 is Spielberg pastiche and he STILL couldn't do it right (the audience never feels any sympathy for the alien after he's *killed dozens of people*) - and now we have a Star Wars movie that remakes... Star Wars. I just can't get onboard with this Microwavable Hollywood bullshit, man. We're being fed the EXACT same two or three stories in these big budget pictures and its like watching someone eat their own leg. Tired of it.
  17. Townerfan: I am both exceedingly pleased and let down by your review, as it was as I feared. Just a quick question: The Jedi Steps cue - in the film, does it have any musical connection to the Throne Room cue from ANH?
  18. I would like to thank Thor for all his insight in this thread. I'd also like to thank the people who made that Star Trek V joke because I love Star Trek V. The rest of you are okay, I guess.
  19. Yes, but it goes on a bit longer. hahahahaha Correct me on this, but isn't "The Immolation Scene" from ROTS just Anakin's Theme trying to "form" and failing?
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