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  1. And the answer is....Studio Fanfares! http://www.artofthescore.com.au/podcast/2021/7/25/episode-34-studio-fanfares-part-1
  2. Awesome. Thanks for confirming that!
  3. Just a heads up. I am seeing indications that this music was not done by Zimmer. It's possible the trailer uses elements of the score and mixed them into the trailer-house-produced music, but in my circles I have seen other people attributed to the music by the company who created the trailer. Just trying to nail down for sure.
  4. Trailer was far too long. Over 3 minutes? Ridiculous. That being said. Looks cool! I'm in.
  5. Sounds far more promising than WW1984 did. Maybe I'll like this one!
  6. I mean. Like Aspect Ratios...it depends on the movie and the reason for doing it. Some things simply don't call for bright oversaturated colors, I certainly don't want everything to look like that. If it did, we'd all hate it. So yeah, sometimes "desaturated" colors are great. Sue me. Do I think it's done too much? Sure. Doesn't mean I hate the concept and sometimes it's done wonderfully. Ugh. You're one of those people are you? Lol. Just get a TV for every aspect ratio and you're good to go.
  7. Are you crazy? I don't have a dinosaur shaped TV! I want the image to fill my Millennium Falcon shaped television!
  8. How the hell have I never noticed this thread before? I love it. I also love all aspect ratios. Personally, my favorite is 2.35:1 but typically I just prefer the Director's intention, whatever that may be. I don't give a damn if it "fills my screen" or not. I hate pan & scan and I also hate when they add the sides back on to something that was framed and intended to be in 4:3. It's interesting to compare, but I would likely never watch the film more than once in an open matte format either vertically (2.35:1 to 16:9 or even 1.33:1) or horizontally (4:3 to 16:9).
  9. I've found some false info in GEMA before. Granted, I don't know if I can blame GEMA in the case I'm referring to as the film itself credits the incorrect recordings of certain songs in it's end titles.
  10. If you get crucified, then I'm right there with you. As someone who has literally never seen any other Star Trek content, and don't care to, the Kelvin films are great. Fun, Well-Acted, and Directed. I enjoy the hell out of them. I don't care if they're not "Star Trek" because I don't even know what that is. For me, they are Star Trek. lol.
  11. Maybe you're joking? But that's not at all what he's saying. He's talking about how much resolution and detail from 35mm, etc. fits into a 4K frame ("drawer") vs 1080 frame ("drawer"), etc. Essentially: The digital equivalent resolution of 35mm film isn't quite big enough to fully fill a 4K sized frame ("drawer") and is also too much to properly fill a 1080p sized frame ("drawer"). As far as Star Wars. I don't really care. I've watched the 4K fan version of Episode 4. It was fine. If Disney ever puts out the original originals...fine. But I do agree with this:
  12. Finally got mine in the mail today! What a nice surprise! Now I can check this score out. Haven't heard more than a couple seconds of it yet.
  13. No way to confirm confirm, but does the Work ID share significant similarities to the other cues?
  14. Yeah that's probably it. I don't see how something would get released from an actual label without going through the proper channels.
  15. We are also people with emotions and not robots and it's perfectly acceptable for me to think that Hans Zimmer is being an ass. We are only human after all. Also 'someone else has said something worse once' doesn't diminish stuff like this in my eyes. Both are bad. I don't have to think this is acceptable because someone else has said something worse.
  16. Gosh it's July already?! I feel like we just got June's flyer. Wow.
  17. I highly doubt that. It will either never be released in the state that it's being shown in now or it'll come out after Fast 9 leaves theaters.
  18. Oh wow Arcane is back? lol. I got it ages ago. I don't really use it much anymore, but it's fun. Bit of a resource hog though unfortunately.
  19. Quite frankly. It doesn't matter who directed Crimes of Grindlewald. The best Director in the world could not have made that film good if they were tied to such a poor script.
  20. Personally, I am not remotely interested in Grindlewald Vs Dumbledore. I am way more interested in the four from the first film and the beasts. While I agree with you @bollemannekethat it does feel like two different stories, I disagree that Yates is a bad director and that overall the beasts or Newt are the problem. I think a lot of the issues lie with JKR and to an extent this need to make Fantastic Beasts another Franchise that has to tick off some boxes. As in: We have to have a big overarching name to the franchise: Fantastic Beasts. This hurts the entire series, because now they al
  21. As far as Producer and how often they're involved. Honestly, when some movies have lists of 4-10 Producers, there's no way that they all came to set every day and/or had a significant influence on the creative of the film. A lot of the time people throw their own money into a film and get some type of Producer credit as thanks, usually Executive I believe, and that's it honestly. The title of Producer, Executive Producer, etc honestly means very little to me because of that. It ranges from some person who threw money at the film and visits the set once or twice vs someone who is there every da
  22. Exactly. It works perfectly fine on its own. Grindelwald proper wasn’t really a big deal until the second one anyway. The first is firmly focused on the foursome.
  23. As much as I want more James Newton Howard's Fantastic Beasts scores, I am perfectly content to pretend that they made a one-off Fantastic Beasts movie a few years ago and that was it if the series does end up quietly fizzling out. It depends on how much control Rowling has over the script for the third one vs the co-writer, but yeah. It's crazy because I honestly really enjoyed the first film and she wrote that one...but Crimes of Grindlewald is just a significant downgrade in the screenwriting department to me. No idea what she was thinking with that one. I don't hate all of it..
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