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  1. Glad I'm not the only one. Honestly, I watched the trailer for the first time, that rendition started and I was like..."Well that's kind of fun, isn't it?" Regardless of if there should be...it's a bit late to start a standard now of all times isn't it? I'm just confused as to why this trailer music is a particularly sore spot for you if so many of the other trailers had subpar music anyways. So, I'm not an expert on the Star Wars scores, but if the studio came to you (Not you specifically by the way @The Five Tones I am shifting topics) and said: "We want a really special version of the Main Title to close out the final trailer." What would you give them? Is there a unique rendition of the Main Title already done for any of the past eight scores that could be tracked in?
  2. EDIT: Wait. Sorry. Are you asking, what is the point of what I'm saying...or what is the point of trailers compressing scenes for time to get through as fast as possible?
  3. I appreciate your passion for the series. I'll just leave it at that. Star Wars as a series has never really stood out to me and nor have their trailers, but I am quite glad it has for you and a lot of other people. The music of the series, however, does stand out and is something I will always cherish. Not to the extent that I have an issue with someone doing a cool rendition of the theme for a silly movie trailer though. I used to try and figure out what trailers could mean for a film, but in the last decade all trailers have gone so downhill that there's no way to know how a movie is going to turn out until I see it. I can only think of one single trailer I saw this year that legitimately impressed me. Precisely. Honestly it's quite amazing just how many Blockbuster and other trailers fall into this exact pattern. Even some of the recent Star Wars trailers follow this formula to an extent.
  4. This scene will not edited this way in the final film. Good grief. There is next to no reason to judge a film's color grading, visual effects, and especially editing from a trailer. Trailers compress time and manipulate lines and scenes to get to the point as fast as possible.
  5. Have you seen almost all movie trailers today? Hardly any of them accurately represent their films anymore. Almost all trailers follow a formula. Star Wars has never been an exception to this really.
  6. Personally. Didn't care for the music in the first half, but during the second half...Idk...I couldn't help but feel it. I dug it. Hearing all the negativity though, I'm curious, and I'm not trying to be hostile...what would you guys here have wanted tracked in from the other 8 films / how could the trailer house have composed it better? I know we have talented composers here and i'd be curious to hear what some might come up with. Why though? What's wrong with it? It's just a trailer. It's not like this will appear in this manner in the actual film. Although, if it does (but recorded by Williams) I will laugh my ass off, out loud, in the theater.
  7. I don’t disagree with you on that with certain respects. I thought Luke, Rey, Kylo we’re done fantastically. Everything with Finn, Poe, Rose, etc. all felt...wrong somehow when compared to TFA to me personally. I’m glad that you enjoyed all of that though. I just wish I did. Trust me, I’m running low on energy with this all as well. Lol. I like you Sweeping Strings! Lol.
  8. That certainly wasn’t made very clear. Regardless it’s almost the same Arc and was done quite poorly. Also had an issue with Poe who seems to be highly valued or doesn’t have an issue taking orders in TFA to being someone who won’t listen even to Leia. Ridiculous. The Rey and Kyle scenes were fine though. I’ll give you that. I am generalizing. But so is a lot of the fandom. I don’t see much acknowledgement (not here necessarily, but in general, online) that TFA did anything remotely good if you believe it’s a rehash. Or that TLJ did anything remotely good if you believe if was disrespectful to the rest of the series. Both movies have VERY good things about them. Again though. I generalize because it’s basically all I ever see. Which is why I confusingly ask: What does the fandom actually want? I honestly don’t know.
  9. So... Okay. Let me preface my main thoughts with ALL of this: I have never given a damn about Star Wars and never understood what all the fuss was about. My very first Star Wars film was Episode 3, because I was bored and everything else at the theater was not remotely interesting to me. I then didn't see the rest of them until MANY years later...and still didn't understand what all the fuss was about. They're fine blockbuster popcorn movies, in my opinion. I do understand the legacy for sound, music, and visual effects and how revolutionary it is for filmmaking, but from a story and character stand point, I don't find the originals particularly groundbreaking in that regard, but again...I didn't see them in my childhood so I've likely seen a lot of things influenced by Star Wars before I saw Star Wars. Now, I watched The Force Awakens and utterly adored it. A series that never appealed to me even after I watched it felt like it was fully alive when I saw TFA. That's my own opinion. I'm aware most people who enjoy the OT and even the PT did not like TFA since it's "a rehash" of ANH. Then you get The Last Jedi, which, despite my love for TFA, I also really did not like. I found myself hating it for other reasons than the OT people though. I think TLJ is an awful sequel, specifically for Force Awakens. Many of the characters take full 180s compared to their journeys in TFA (Finn, for example, tries to run in TFA and changes by the end, finding a home in the Resistance...only to have the same story arc again in Last Jedi) . My main point is: What do people actually even want from this franchise anymore? It seems that more of the same is a rehash and unoriginal and it seems that changing things (again, despite my agreement on the sub par quality of Last Jedi for OTHER reasons) is an insult to the franchise. People don't want the OT characters to die, but they obviously can't be around forever...I just...I don't know how people who consider themselves fans find any enjoyment out of the franchise when they don't even seem to know what they want. The fandom is remarkably toxic and confusing and I'm very glad I am not part of it. As far as this trailer is concerned. I'm cautiously optimistic. I'm of the belief that J.J. breathed new life into this series and I hope he brings it back around. It could be bad, absolutely though. At the end of the day, to me, all of Star Wars is just another big blockbuster popcorn franchise and that's about it. It's fun. I expect it'll measure up just fine. I certainly hope it does. It could go either way at this point. I don't know how people enjoy being a Star Wars fan if they hate more of the same and hate anything different. Reading through the internet about this has been utterly depressing. I am very disappointed in all the super negativity over 2.5 minutes of footage in an age where the trailers hardly represent their respective films. End of rant. I am ready to be destroyed by the internet. End me. Now, something actually controversial for this forum specifically. I actually enjoyed the rendition during the second half of the trailer...
  10. Because a majority of people don't know film score terminology. They also call everything a "theme" regardless of if it's actually a motif or an actual theme.
  11. Thanks Jay. That’s the quote I was trying to track down.
  12. Edited my above post. Their archival site has both Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets trailers listed on their resume and credits them as Composers. So they certain had some hand in something. Personally, I wouldn't be surprised. https://web.archive.org/web/20080608082734/http://www.magicboxmusic.com/virtualresume/
  13. It's possible it could have been done by Magic Box Music way back in the day. They were collaborators on the Potter trailers for a LONG time. Let me check the archive of their site. I recall there being a post about it or something. EDIT: Magic Box Music (John Sponsler and Tom Gire) have Sorcerer's Stone listed on their site in their credits. Listed as composers. It's possible maybe they had some Stingers or something used. Or perhaps they did some arrangements. I have mentioned this previously, but they are the ones who wrote the intro before Double Trouble kicks in in the Teaser track from PoA
  14. Excellent. I can finally complete the set! Now to just get this and Beyond autographed to match "Into Darkness".
  15. 1. Why was the Shawm source cue not included on the La-La Land Harry Potter boxset? 2. Why was the Shawm source cue not included on the La-La Land Harry Potter boxset? 3. Why was the Shawm source cue not included on the La-La Land Harry Potter boxset? Come on guys, you gotta ask the real questions here.
  16. Sure. You're right. I'll just leave it with this: IF there ever is a Hooper set, a Doyle release, a Desplat release. I'd buy all of them.
  17. Lol okay. Despite the insult to myself, I'll bite. What about OOTP to you personally find that's better?
  18. Oh please. Do you say that about every film that tracks music from it's predecessors? You must hate Chamber of Secrets If it's so damn dull then how come I manage to consistently revisit HBP and haven't listened to OOTP in years? Honestly, I'd say the inverse of what you said. HBP grabbed the only interesting pieces from OOTP and marries them with a more interesting score I won't say it's a masterpiece by any means, but I wouldn't call it dull. Call me crazy if you will, but I will gladly buy a Hooper expansion. As far as where they rank with the other scores? POA SS COS GOF DH1 HBP DH2 OOTP For me, OOTP is the one of the two Hooper scores that is dull and unmemorable. I can name and discuss most of the motifs and thematic material from HBP, even the less significant ones, but besides Umbridge, Fireworks, and Dumbledore's Army...nothing else stands out in my memory. Did Luna have some material? Can't remember. Is there Sirius material? Can't recall. You know what I do remember though? I remember having to rip the end credits for OOTP because the final track in film order is just so...anti-climactic. Fawke's theme may not make an appearance in Half-Blood Prince when it ends, but it least it feels resolved.
  19. Man. So much Hooper hate here. I don't care much for the 5th score, but HBP? That one is great. I'd gladly take them both though. It would bug the hell out of me not to have the full set.
  20. I agree and disagree on that. Personally, I think Fantastic Beasts was a great way to start the franchise and I think constricting it to New York was a great way to let the characters shine. I feel like they each got their moment, which I can't say about CoG. I like to think of FB1 as sort of similar to Season 1 of Stranger Things. The story is pretty simple at the core and it's all happening in one area. The characters get to be more at the forefront and you don't have to rely on pretty locations and a "big" scope of traveling or something. Then, in the next ones you can go bigger and do more traveling...which they sort of did in CoG, but then they had such a convoluted and boring plot. The first is simple and effective. CoG is complex and meandering. Personally, I wish they had just ditched the whole Grindlewald thing. I honestly don't care about it at all. It's great to read about as world building that supports or is in the background of a more forefront story, but it's simply not an engaging story to be the forefront. It's so very political (wizard politics is what I mean) and just not very active. My initial hopes for this series were for it to be an adventure series. You don't have to have this big overarching baddie. But if you must have all this Grindlewald stuff, it would've been more interesting for me personally to see another adventure film, more traveling, but start to include some darker themes. Maybe explore or test Newt's love of creatures. Maybe have the Grindlewald political stuff start to affect our characters through the world around them and not necessarily have them interact directly with that storyline until a third movie. Could've done some interesting down to Earth stuff about what it's like living in that sort of tense political climate and how it affects the characters and their relationships, rather than it just being a "Let's take on Grindlewald" story. Which, to it's credit, I think CoG TRIED to do that a LITTLE bit, but very poorly executed. Then, MAYBE have a final conflict with Grindlewald for the third film (you know, the thing people actually give a damn about) and that be when Newt decides to finally get involved and he somehow becomes instrumental in helping take Grindlewald down. Could've been a cool arc to see Newt go from being sort of recluse who travels the world, to having him become more involved in that world and become better at interacting with humans and what not. Idk. CoG took such a massive turn in the opposite direction I wanted, based on FB1.
  21. Lol. I think you’re being a bit insulting to pornos there my friend.
  22. Alright, rant time. I have never and will never do this. I have no right to talk trash about a film I have not seen. Too often is the line "I couldn't get through five minutes of it" used as an excuse to lend credence to saying that a film is bad. Bullshit. You can't say it's bad if you haven't seen the whole damn thing. It's one thing if the film is clearly not your thing and you can tell from the beginning, but that doesn't make it bad. *rant over* All that being said, there are several movies I wish I did turn off/walk out of after 5 minutes, but I had no idea how bad they would be: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (Theatrical and Ultimate Edition) - This one is probably still the worst big budget movie I've ever seen. Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist The Circle The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Geostorm Death Note (Netflix Version) Lost River Just a few, but I have actually seen them all the way through. Just wish I had not. Lol.
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