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  1. hm...unknown name ? short movie ? i'll pass. The same music composed by Williams on a famous blockbuster would undoubtedly generate far more enthusiasm. Most people look first at the label rather than the content. What a pity. This piece is great.
  2. No my friend : quantity does not define truth. People insulted me and called me crazy for not believing the great almighty Hans Zimmer, and today, you and your comrade attacked me for no reason. And you want me to believe that I have a problem ? Why being offended by this video ? Why did you feel the need to put me down rather than arguing on the subject (or simply ignoring the topic) ? The problem is that it seems impossible to express a negative opinion about Beethoven reincarnated without being heavily striked by his devotees. I invented nothing, it's all based on facts !
  3. Defame you ? You attacked me personally here for no reason, right ? so i invited you to give me more explanations. Where is the problem ? I had no reason to invite you publicly.
  4. I think it would be wiser to form your own opinion based on your personal research rather than simply repeating or believing what others said. I was banned from VI Control only and for simply telling the truth (all the evidence are presented on my humble forum but this is not the subject here). What do you mean by "inconsistencies" ?
  5. This video was produced by Trump, edited by Poutine and based on an original idea from Hitler (and I'm a Russian bot).
  6. Maybe you're right, but not obvious to my ear - I just listen to it and I struggle to find a connection Quote I think there is writing on this film that harkens back to the OT I would much rather listen to TFA than any of the prequel scores.
  7. The Cutter ?.. Now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time...a long time... Well...of course I know him... He's me! I haven't gone by the name The Cutter since oh... but my Sony Vegas is ready for TFA
  8. Sorry for the late answer, really busy with another forum Thanks for the kind words I want to know this too! We want full details, UBT! It's all virtual instruments (excepted the oboe) - you will find many usefull informations here : http://vi-control.net/portal/ Thanks ! mainly Hollywood Strings hahahaha ! Nice ! for those who are interested in the writting process :
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