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  1. You know what these two are waiting for? An expanded remastered Far and Away and I'll bet this is the year we get it!
  2. Finally for Far & Away and The River. I Love Far & Away and the MCA CD needs a modern day remastering badly. Ditto for The River. The beginning of that movie had an incredible Bum-bum-bum drum beat added to The River main theme that I have wanted forever. Do not care one bit for Sabrina.
  3. Blowing Off Steam from Far & Away is one. The Droid Invasion from TPM
  4. Can't really make anything out from this. The third last track on disc 1 is a long title so I guess that's the Escape/Chase/Bikes/Goodbye track.
  5. Far and Away has some good stuff not released including that terrific alternate version of the end credits. I really want an expansion of this one. 25th anniversary maybe?
  6. 1. Glory 2. Willow 3. The Rocketeer 4. Titanic 5. Clear and Present Danger 6. Legends of the Fall 7. Searching For Bobby Fischer 8. The Pagemaster 9. Braveheart 10. The Land Before Time
  7. Sounds much like the JW from The Last Crusade/Home Alone period. This is going to be a treat!
  8. I have more affection for JW than I do for members of my family. I may have listened to this man's music every single day for 30 years. Here's to another decade of JW output!
  9. 1. Minority Report - about six months ago 2. Saving Private Ryan - a few years ago 3. Home Alone - about a month ago 4. Nixon - a few years 5. Schindler's List - about a year 6. War Horse - still haven't listened to it. 7. JFK - about two years 8. Raiders of the Lost Ark - two nights ago 9. Far and Away - about three months ago 10. A.I. - this past July - or August.
  10. Parade of the Ewoks The Land Race Indy's First Adventure To the Plaza Presto The Droid Invasion The Quidditch Match March of the Villians
  11. For me it'll always be that entire last hour of Jedi. And then he did the same with TOD the following year! Mind-blowing. No wonder he took a break in 85.
  12. My three favorite composers (Williams, Morricone, Newman) all nominated in the same year. Has this happened before? Boy, It's a good day. Burwell is no slouch either. His scores for Rob Roy and True Grit are absolute standouts. I wouldn't be surprised if he grabs the prize from Morricone.
  13. Top 10 Film Scores: 1. The Hateful Eight (Morricone) 2. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Williams) 3. He Named Me Malala (Newman) 4. Mad Max: Fury Road (Tom Holkenborg) 5. The Revenant (Ryuichi Sakamoto, Alva Noto, Bryce Dessner) 6. Carol (Carter Burwell) 7. Spectre (Newman) 8. Chappie (Hans Zimmer) 9. The 33 (Horner) 10. The Second Best Exotic Marigiold Hotel (Newman) TOP 7 INDIVIDUAL TRACKS OF 2015: 1. Sherzo For X-Wings - Star Wars: The Force Awakens 2. L’Ultima Diligenza di Red Rock - The Hateful Eight 3. School V. Celebrity - He Named Me Malala 4. Brothers In Arms - Mad Max: Fury Road 5. The Jedi Steps and Finale - Star Wars: The Force Awakens 6. A Reunion - Spectre 7. Grievous Injury - He Named Me Malala
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