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  1. I do believe that this track is the best from the soundtrack and is the one that stands out. Though for me, I'm not a huge fan of Force Awakens soundtrack.
  2. I wonder if the score will be classic orchestral or go for a more modern feel. I'm putting my chips on modern.
  3. The Enforcer. Not as good as the first two Dirty Harry movies, still enjoyable. I've heard it goes down hill from this point.
  4. I feel like most of the tracks want to be to many things. They don't have one powerful narrative. There are some memorable themes, but most of them don't hit the mark for me.. Scherzo is one of these. It feels a mess in my opinion. Though I like the beginning
  5. Been listening to 'Heroes' quite a few times in the last couple of days, seems he was a very intelligent man. I'm glad he didn't let 'ziggy' continue to take over him.
  6. Indeed. But Think about the quality and acoustics of the live orchestra.
  7. I would like more memorable themes and motifs. In my opinion there was really only a couple themes/motifs that are memorable from TFA. Rey's theme,Kylo's theme and the motif in 'Follow me'. We really need some more stand out moments, especially in the action department. Where are the brilliant action pieces like' The asteroid field'... That's what I would like to see.
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