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  1. The Director: "Well John, what do you think?" JW: "William Ross will be in touch."
  2. John Hughes is eye rolling in his grave.
  3. Watched the TNG episode "Tapestry" last night on @Nick Parker's recommendation. Good stuff. The moment where Jean-Luc gets stabbed the "second" time is kind of staying with me. The "first" time it happened, young Jean-Luc laughed in a kind if "Oh, s***, looks like I f***** up" sort of way." But Stewart's laugh for Jean-Luc says a lot more. In that moment of agonizing pain, he gets his life back. Really driving home the message that the good of who we are and will be is the sum of both the pleasure and pain in our lives.
  4. Finally got around to giving this playlist a proper listen. Good work on it, Jerry. Nice flow from track to track indeed. A lot to like in this general summary of the season's music. Nothing that really thrills me, but more interesting than a lot of what's out there.
  5. Well-meaning things are always twisted out of context. Some use the term "social justice" to address real inequities. Others to bring down institutions, even people, deemed "oppressive." Similarly, some people honestly believe in self-determination and merit based structures. Others use these principles as whitewash to gloss over their prejudices. But all that really need not be dwelt on too much right now except to note that Bryant, like John, was a dedicated man, passionate about the talents he had been given and the things he believed deeply in, certainly in recent years, and that should be admired.
  6. Tintin is a little frantic for my taste. Lincoln, well, I felt it kind of dragged along. Probably did not help that I watched it late one evening after a long day. I'll have to revisit it someday.
  7. The Nobel Peace Prize for doing away with misogyny once and for all!
  8. Sorry man. I say start over fresh with a couple of new companions, not as replacements, but as the next chapter of things.
  9. https://www.si.com/nba/2020/01/26/kobe-bryant-death-california-helicopter-crash-los-angeles-lakers
  10. Really doesn't have any superfluous scenes, so not sure how Spielberg could have cut things down.
  11. Catch Me If You Can A very fun movie, yet with a lot of depth. Spielberg directs with a sure touch, keeping a delicate balance between the sheer entertainment of Frank's exploits and their darker origins and consequences. DiCaprio does a remarkable job of making him really come across as just a kid. And the script ties all themes together very well, and subtly, like having Frank "deliver the mail" in prison, referencing his dad's last job. It just works. Kaminski's cinematography gets a little too Kaminski sometimes, however. 4/4
  12. Superman by John Rosewood by Towner Cello Concerto by Williams
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