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  1. It is a great score indeed in its subtleties. I'll have to take a listen to TFA, ROTS, TPM and ROTJ again before I can make a final determination on where it stands.
  2. Well, I was not huge on either of the first two Hobbits. The second one was okay, I suppose. Similarly, I'm rather ambivalent about TFA and TLJ.
  3. After seeing some leaked footage, I can say that the only thing holding this mess of a movie together are the impressive visuals and John's superb score. JJ just threw everything at the screen and hoped it would stick. Sorry to say, I got Hobbit 3 vibes.
  4. I'm fine with Rey calling herself Rey Skywalker at the end of the movie. It's not only referring to her continuing the Skywalker/Jedi legacy, and her bond with Luke, but I think also is in tribute to Ben's love for her, without which she would not be alive. It's a trope with precedent, anyway.
  5. I agree about the writing and orchestrations. This is a suburbly crafted score. But, I also agree about thematic material. It is missing something in that department.
  6. Great score indeed. Definitely has more life and motion than TLJ. TFA still has a certain boldness to it, and more thematic invention that I somewhat miss in this one, but, I've got to remember this is a finale to a trilogy, and, as that, it is excellent. The main weakness is the underwhelming Finale and the odd Reunion, and even A New Home, which lacks enough impact, to me at least.
  7. Rise of Skywalker is delicious stuff. But Speeder Chase is really where it's at. Top tier action piece.
  8. The Main Title does sound new. Sounds brighter and a tad faster (but that might just be my excitement!). Prologue is nice and moody/suspenseful.
  9. I thought the Reddit leak of a few months back sounded like a fanfiction. Which made me kind of think it was legit, because TFA feels like a well-made Star Wars fan movie. This one sounds like it is a very much something like that. Kind of perplexing, though. These people had unlimited funds from Disney, they could have made something truly interesting.
  10. Reading this thread and other spoilers, it seems this movie is a mess. Maybe a fun mess, but still a mess. And, the Williams cameo seems a little tacky. He obviously should have been a turtleneck wearing veteran strategist for the Rebellion.
  11. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/lists/oscars-2020-shortlists-doc-international-makeup-hairstyling-more-1262916?fbclid=IwAR0YqmkQPg63HUCyk_P_X5qKdDG5apKMQsZcbjthpAB_b-DFq2ZYTbo5pSs
  12. Many happy returns @Cerebral Cortex!!
  13. Yes, the first 40 minutes of TFA are excellent indeed. But, the dynamics between the characters that were set up were kind of wasted for the rest of the film and in TLJ. It's like no one knew exactly what should come next, or had some general plot ideas, but did not let the new characters drive them.
  14. People prefer the Disney sequels because they are new, they are an event, they are in (either to love or to hate). The aura around Star Wars has always been a bigger thing than the movies themselves.
  15. Remastered bootleg recording of John's Symphony, as conducted by Previn, with incomplete rehearsal audio of the 80s revised version.
  16. I may be a little weird, and, yes, I post way too regularly about my rather perplexing life, but, as I have told you all before, Ii2 and I are different people!
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