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  1. Lincoln, for me, was JW's last masterpiece. I am thinking more about the album than the score as heard in the film, though that is very good as well. The Lincoln OST sounds like a complete and beautiful expression of everything the movie is about. It feels immaculate, minus the source music-ish pieces. The themes are numerous, beautiful, and flow seamlessly from one to the next. The end credits suite is sublime. Do we know if JW performed on piano for any of it?
  2. For example, I love The Phantom Menace and for me I always think of the warm string writing that runs through the film, and especially the middle Tatooine portion. There's just some gorgeous, rich string writing in that score. TPM is known for its use of chorus, and I also really enjoy the bouncy percussion as opposed to the heavy, dramatic percussion in ROTS, but my first thought about TPM is always the lush, warm strings. What are yours? What colors/sounds do you associate with different JW scores?
  3. Great episode! I love these conversations with amazing studio musicians. BTW, if anyone is interested you can actually watch JW play his bit in TROS in the short featurette in him. Pretty sure it's available on YouTube. Daisy Ridley is standing right over his shoulder as he plays.
  4. Thank you! I will definitely give this a listen. Edit: I'm listening to it right now and I'm really enjoying it. You're right, it is a very smooth listening experience and presents the score in a really good light. Would such an edit be possible for TFA and TROS or are those scores way to hacked up, tracked, and micro-edited to ever create a smooth listening experience beyond the OSTs?
  5. Listening to this more, I still think the most satisfying original music JW has written for ASM is Markings. I love that piece so much. It has a mysterious, at times tense mood, great color, and feels compact enough to enjoy without losing focus.
  6. I'm not asking for a download link but rather more interested in what the fan community has done with this score: Is there a fan edit put there that presents the score in a better light than we got on the OST? I'm not looking for the complete score as I find it a bit difficult to listen to. At the same time, the OST leans heavily into the nostalgic, self-referential material and leaves off a lot of interesting material like many variations of the resistance material and cool underscore build up to Holdo's big moment, not to mention leaving off Holdo's big moment entirely. Is there
  7. I liked the concerto but will need to listen to it many times over to really dig in. The new version of Across the Stars is interesting. To me it sounds lighter and more spritely. Brighter and maybe even less tragic than the album version.
  8. Hero is a good movie with a great score. Tan Dun does better work in Hero than he did for Crouching Tiger. Memoirs is a bad movie with a great score. I think it is another example of JW being inspired by something other than the film itself, leading to an amazing score. In this case, I imagine it was his love of the book that inspired his score.
  9. Indy has some great trek cues but my favorite JE trek cues are all from The Lost World. Those trek cues are so groovy!
  10. Not even close. It is one of the best non-JW SW scores in any media, but it is far from an all-time great.
  11. I hope for less whimsy, hopefully nothing that sounds like a parody or pastiche of past Indy scores, and some compelling new themes. Tintin was an Indy score in a way.
  12. Thank you all for your replies and information!
  13. I'm not very knowledgeable on this subject and everything I'm about to write may be incorrect in some way, but I am very curious about the evolution of the Jurassic Park theme, and especially its concert arrangement. On the LLL release there is a track titled Jurassic Park theme or something that is roughly 3 minutes long and is only the slow-ish, religioso theme most prominently featured in the film during the awesome reveal of the brachiosaurus. But at some point, JW added the journey to the island motif to the Jurassic Park theme? Is that what happened? I'd love to l
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