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  1. The score is just so rich and dense with incredible themes and a much larger palette than ANH.
  2. I'd love to be wrong, film directors often have little to no involvement with trailers and even less with the music selection. I especially doubt that a Twitter exchange would impact how the film is marketed.
  3. This newest video really shows the delicate nature of the theme. It brings out all the golden-age goodness.
  4. Has this video been shared yet? It's a very nice performance of Helena's theme with mostly clean audio. https://youtu.be/liQuxbV6gYIhttps://youtu.be/liQuxbV6gYI
  5. It's too bad Studio Ghibli isn't going a full length short.
  6. I love how JW accidentally wrote the Game of Thrones theme in the finale of AOTC.
  7. Must be for that new ending JW mentioned.
  8. Miller's Crossing is a beautiful and dark score.
  9. When will we get a release of this? I absolutely loved the Prayer for Peace cello and classical guitar duet from the new JW YoYo Ma album. A beautiful, intimate arrangement.
  10. We need that one poster, Mathis(?), to weigh in on this theory.
  11. Those are definitely the opening notes of Obi-Wan's theme. Nice find.
  12. Map Room is the most epic, and I don't mean in a Hans Zimmer way. It is truly epic music that builds and builds in the most glorious way.
  13. I think it is the best prequel score with the most interesting underscore, best action music, but not quite the same emotional depth as ROTS. For me,.best SW.score still goes to ESB for a whole host of reasons. TPM is a great score though, and I wish the rest of the prequel trilogy had the same freshness and seamless underscore.
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