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  1. I nominate the half of the Nixon theme that sounds like a super villain march. It's downright evil and powerful and could double as a SW baddie motif.
  2. Undeniably well deserved and I always enjoy hearing people put into words some of what make JW's music so great.
  3. To me Tintin is a good score, scored very closely, very kinetic, but not very memorable.
  4. In terms of craftsmanship and cohesion, the SW sequel scores rank far lower than pretty much all of JW's other 2010s output. Whether it's OST or as heard in the film, the music is chopped to bits or lacks thematic through lines or just varies greatly in quality from moment to moment.
  5. Lincoln should be winning this poll! It is an immaculate OST even if a lot of the music isn't actually heard in the film.
  6. The Two Towers is a pitch perfect score that flows seamlessly as an extension of FOTR but also expands the musical vocabulary of the trilogy, adds new textures, and ups the epic quality of the music. Also, for such a long score, at no point do I get the sense that Shore wrote any filler music or was anything let than inspired, which I do hear hints of in ROTK.
  7. Hook is a very reactive score. I think because of the broadway play inspiration, JW scored the music to accent or sync with so much of the on screen action, you can hear how the music is constantly performing musical gymnastics.
  8. My partner said I mentioned it on our first dinner date. She enjoyed it and we discovered a shared interest in Harry Potter. She says she likes that I had a deep passion for something somewhat niche.
  9. One of the more "recent" examples of a poorly scored scene by JW for me is the opening to War Horse. I've said many times before that the music is just too fast and busy for the fairly tame landscape shots of lush grass. Even once the horses are introduced, the Dartmoor music is still played at too fast a tempo to match the galloping of the horses. That opening scene is one of the very few times JW's music pulled me out of the movie. It's exceedingly rare that I think JW mis-scored a scene, but this is one of them.
  10. One of my favorite JW pieces. This new recording is nice and clear but it sounds a bit drier than the JW recording I am used to. Still, wonderful overall. The new, moodier passages are quite interesting. They give the piece a new character. Ar the same time, this new arrangement seems to soar a little lower than the original. I feel like a similar thing happened with JW's new arrangement of Han and the Princess.
  11. I love this medley played to the film montage, but without the visuals it loses a lot of its fun. This is a very fine performance and recording though.
  12. I agree with the results of the poll so far except I would have even more distance between TPM and TFA. ANH is the best. I can listen to every second of it without getting bored. It has so much energy and the minor leitmotifs add a lot to the score. TPM is such an incredibly rich score with dense and nimble action music. I especially love the middle passage of the score covering everything on that sandy planet. TFA does a great job of introducing a whole new set of themes and has some good one-off set pieces, but I don't enjoy the complete score the way I do ANH and TPM
  13. I've said before that The Chamber of Secrets theme almost sounds like a JW Batman theme. I think Dracula and The Fury could work as a JW temp track to Batman 89.
  14. Gia's music is consistently just alright while also lacking originality or anything that would motivate me to listen to it again.
  15. The entire Lincoln score is a modern JW masterpiece. I genuinely don't think he could have written a score so thematically rich, appropriate to its setting, and all the time feeling effortlessly flowing, earlier in his career. From the beautiful solos to the careful orchestration evoking 19th century Americana, Lincoln demonstrates JW' musical wisdom and restraint. Although good in their own right, Amistad, Saving Private Ryan, and JW's earlier Americana pieces and scores are all lacking when compared to Lincoln.
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