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  1. The heavy use of timpani reminds me of JW's OT style but otherwise, this tiny motif is really unimpressive and unimportant. The most minor of new additions.
  2. IIRC JW's name in the end credits of Lincoln syncs up really nicely with a deep brass statement of the With Malice Towards None theme.
  3. Is the alternate version a true alternate recording or just an intro insert?
  4. Sometimes I listen to the Chamber of Secrets concert arrangement and think to myself: "If JW ever wrote a Batman theme, it might sound something like this." It's dark, moody, mysterious, but also loud and campy.
  5. Fawkes theme reminds me so much of Yoda's theme in so many ways.
  6. Ok, here it is: 1. The Lost World theme 2. Stargazers from ET 3. Remembrances from Schindler's List 4. Rey's Theme 5. The Rebellion is Reborn 6. The Rise of Skywalker intermission 7. Here They Come! from Star Wars 8. Princess Leia's theme from Star Wars 9. Galaxy's Edge theme from Disney Parks 10. Becoming a Geisha from Memoirs 11. Confluence from Memoirs 12. Hymn to the Fallen 13. Summon the Heroes encores 14. Hedwig's Theme 15. The Imperial March from ESB
  7. I don't have a whole program in mind, but I would definitely open with the theme for The Lost World. Starting with timpani and such a bombastic piece would be so fun and it's so rarely performed. The concert would start with great energy and signal to the audience that this isn't gonna be your typical JW concert. Somewhere in there I would program Remembrances from Schindler's List and The Rise of Skywalker theme.
  8. Slow-ish, but the Luke in Exile parts in the OST version are a little more forceful, almost staccato but rapidly gaining speed. I guess that is what I would call punchy. This Vienna version sounds much warmer but also calmer.
  9. I'm curious, what for you is revealed or made better about the piece with this performance? For me the slower tempo takes the punch out of it.
  10. I'm kind of fascinated by this performance of The Rebellion is Reborn. It seems notably slower than the OST version. The orchestra sounds wonderfully lush but the slower tempo is throwing me off. Edit: yeah despite the great acoustics and the extra oomph of the bass, the slower tempo really takes the bite out of this piece. It just lacks that harsh edge that the OST version has, at least in the Luke in Exile portions and the exciting rush to the finish. This Vienna version is almost lazy by comparison. On the other hand, I'm not sure I've ever heard a more heartfelt concert performance of Like and Leia. The horns and strings are tugging at my heart.
  11. Listening to the album now on YouTube Music now. The acoustics are wonderful. Somehow I never noticed that The Rebellion is Reborn was part of the program. I'm so excited to hear the Vienna Philharmonic perform it!
  12. The most candid I've ever seen JW be is in his video interview with Andre Previn.
  13. Some nice JW quotes in this interview.
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