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  1. Elegy is either my first or second favorite JW concert work. It is incredibly heartbreaking. Every time I listen to it, I feel the pain of loss and see pure white fields of snow in my mind. There's an excellent Legacy of John Williams interview with a cellist who has much to say about Elegy.
  2. I think it's flashbacks similar to The Da Vinci Code which used extensive flashbacks.
  3. Escape is easily one if the best action music sequences of the ST. I rate it above The Battle of Crait. Certainly nothing from TROS comes close. Maybe The Falcon sequence from TFA is a close second?
  4. One of the best musical moments in the score. The brass is so deep it's almost rumbling. At the same time, there's a solemnity and grace to it.
  5. First time listening to this album thanks to this thread and I'm enjoying it so far. I've also enjoyed the few Rey's Theme jazz covers that are on YouTube.
  6. The Lincoln soundtrack is incredible and deserves even more appreciation than it gets. I think it is inarguably his most orchestrally and melodically refined work of this late period of JW's career.
  7. One of my all time favorite JW pieces, film music or concert work. It is incredible. I love how the theme is played throughout, especially the triumphant version in the second half after the percussion.
  8. The mysterious Sith in The Duel is a cool new character. I really enjoyed the short and want to learn more about this new character. The third short is really wild and fun. Completely over the top in a very good way.
  9. It has hints of previous Batman themes and reminds me of the Imperial March.
  10. What does everyone expect from this score? Is Hans Zimmer doing James Bond just going to be standard Hans Zimmer fare? Do we know how much of the score was actually written by Hans?
  11. It is extremely similar. That's funny, listening to the BFG score and even the parts that sound similar to this Danny Elfman track, I've never thought that BFG sounds like an Elfman score, but hearing it now, the similarities are undeniable.
  12. There's definitely a noticeable lack of JW in the park outside of the rides. I wish the lines would at least pump a mix of JW tracks. That said, I thought some JW SW music played along with the brief outdoor shows the actors do? I seem to remember a Kylo Ren skit that played his theme.
  13. This is one of their best JW performances yet. They seem to be much improved. I hope they keep up the JW content.
  14. ANH is a wonderful breath of fresh air and has a great clarity and simplicity to it's orchestrations. ESB is much denser and more complex. It is a perfect maturation of the Star Wars sound. It's also possibly the best film score of all time. Following up ESB was always going to be an impossible task and unfortunately ROTJ is just a lesser film. The score is still very good but it doesn't reach the heights of ANH or ESB. Still, it is a mostly satisfying conclusion to the original trilogy, both musically and narratively. As far as satisfying musical finales go, I think ROTS stands above ROTJ and TROS.
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