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  1. The opening seconds remind me of The Patriot. I've never heard this version before and it is FANTASTIC!
  2. Something I enjoy (now, maybe not when it was first released) is that the entire piece is like an action cue. The music is basically sprinting from beginning to end, the orchestra seems very agile moving from the A and B part and all the action-like interstitial material. The orchestrations also remind me a bit of his OT action scoring.
  3. For some reason I always thought that rising string gesture was related to one of Kylo Ren's motifs.
  4. This is the most in-depth I've ever heard JW talk about his process, talking about his orchestrations in great detail, the daily work. He's talked about these things in general terms many times in the past, but here he's quite expansive. I love it!
  5. Galaxy's Edge is soooo good. It is very fresh sounding and yet totally SW. It has so much energy and I was personally fascinated by listening to a JW theme for a theme park instead of for a film or character.
  6. Off the top of my head I would say Presumed innocent even though the repetition works well in the film.
  7. Modular With a few exceptions, like Follow Me and the Falcon, the ST action music seems to be a series of very short musical statements, whether motivic, melodic, or rhythmic, that can be switched around in any order and re-arranged like modular furniture. It's almost like Lego blocks that can be reconfigured to make new objects out of.
  8. I have a couple reasons for "why John Williams." I'll just name a few now and return to this topic in the future. 1. His music grabs you with its directness. JW has often said that film music needs to be direct and to the point in terms of communicating whatever it is trying to communicate to the audience because the music most often does not have the audience's full attention. 2. Even with that said, his music is very rewarding to listen to on its own. What I mean by this is that his music is rarely boring, always interesting to follow with my ear in a way that many ot
  9. I feel like I've stepped into the Star Wars equivalent of the Twilight Zone...
  10. You think Episode 10 has already wrapped production? Meaning Lucas Film and Disney secretly made this film already? Question: did JW score it?
  11. ESB, TFA, ANH, ROTS, TROS, AOTC, ROTJ, TLJ, TPM. To add to my last comment, I'm not sure there is a performance I enjoy more in all the Star Wars end credits than the LSO performing the concert version of Throne Room in the ROTS end credits. It is a grand, flawless performance and the perfect send off for (at the time) the entire SW saga. I enjoy the piece and performance more than the somewhat awkward main titles and end credits bit from TROS.
  12. I loved this latest episode. Dan offered so many insights into JW's process and decisionmaking on the podium, not to mention his own legacy as a studio musician.
  13. The love theme and main theme from The Patriot are both really nice compositions. The music is quite effective in the film but I'm not very familiar with the music on its own. I'd love an expanded release.
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