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  1. Put me in the "this is JW" camp for many of the same reasons others have already stated.
  2. I remember this speculation! I hope one day we get a complete release or at least and expanded release including alternates for TFA.
  3. I like the music at the beginning of the clip! It sounds vaguely melodic and not just more xylophone music.
  4. Conrad Pope posted on Facebook that he did the arrangement of Princess Leia's Theme for Across the Stars. Interesting. I thought it has been a while since JW had worked with Conrad Pope. I wonder if Pope did other arrangements as well.
  5. The music may work well within the show but listening to the soundtrack for episode 1 right now, I see no reason to ever listen to this again on its own. It is just not compelling or musically interesting enough to hold my attention in the way that all JW SW music and other non-JW SW music does. So far, I rank this far below Rogue One and even further below Solo.
  6. I predict the major new theme will be a set piece theme ala Duel of the Fates and Battle of the Heroes instead of a character theme or relationship theme.
  7. I just want to say I love this score and its themes. JW has a way of handling the themes such that they can be incredibly tender one moment and big and bold the next.
  8. It reminds me more of the Verizon March music than actual JW music. It sounds too clean and simple for modern JW.
  9. I think it is a very good Williams imitation but not actually JW. It definitely brings to mind March of the Resistance.
  10. I would love to know if there is any new JW music in this trailer. The Jedi Steps sounded very much like JW on first listen, but I doubted The Spark usage in TLJ trailer until the OST released,
  11. I'm interested in what his Batman theme will sound like. Elfman and Zimmer both came up with distinct, iconic themes.
  12. This is how I see it as well. The moment is beautifully dark and tragic as we watch a son strike down his father. The men's chorus is very much a reminder of the Emperor's role in this duel.
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