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  1. The thematic richness of ROP continues to pay dividends. Bear has done a great job. I'm also impressed by the editing and spotting. The music is consistently given big moments to shine along with the great visuals. ROP is the best tv score I've heard in a long time and it's just getting started.
  2. There is a difference but I don't hate it. The trumpet sound recorded in Los Angeles sounds a little flat and thin. Something about the trumpet sound makes me aware of the room feeling smaller. Lincoln is a score that does not have this problem and that is probably due to the Chicago orchestra and concert hall used for recording.
  3. Galaxy's Edge is the most refined for me. It has a regal quality to it while also sounding expensive and robust. The mix is very good. The Adventures of Han sounds a little small, like it was performed by a smaller orchestra. Obi-Wan is just too slight in thematic depth and development. It sounds like a first draft of something that could become a much richer theme. Galaxy's Edge is lush and wonderful.
  4. Although music works really well in the show, the individual episode albums bore me on their own. The season 1 album is the best way to listen to this score.
  5. Question: where can I listen to these per episode albums? I can't seem to find them on YouTube Music.
  6. Spielberg is moved to tears every time Johnny touches a piano key, except when he first demoed the Jaws theme.
  7. Sounds like a restrained score ala Book Thief. I hope it is beautiful themes. But who am I kidding? I'm sure I'll love it.
  8. Yeah, that's the only part that could be Williams.
  9. A piano-centric, sensitive score? Sounds like something that will be lovely to listen to.
  10. The spotting is really good. The music consistently makes a strong impression, especially with the arrival on the boat and the cut to the Harfoots caravan. The music comes forward in a way I haven't heard in just about any modern tv show.
  11. The music continues to be a real highlight of the show. The music works better with the show than standalone.
  12. I think it's totally fine to exercise some creative freedom to deliver something fun and interesting. The wizards are basically angels and an angel crashing into middle earth in a magic meteor is fun.
  13. Helena's theme is just so lovely. It flows beautifully. In its romantic tones, it reminds me a bit of Sabrina in some moments. Really sweet with moments of femme fatale darkness.
  14. The Obi Wan theme opened with the softer string ending so far as I can tell from this video with poor audio quality and lots of ambient noises. Interesting to not hear the sharp, surprising string opening JW premiered the piece with. Or is the audio just bad?
  15. Listening to this makes me curious about the tone and style of the movie. I'm glad it's such a full theme, full of exploration of the main melody. I found Obi Wan to be too slight. This is a well rounded JW theme.
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