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  1. Although less celebrated or iconic than other excellent 3 track sequences posted above, from TLW LaLa Land release: In the trailer On the glass Rescuing Sarah is absolutely, blood pumping incredible. My favorite stretch of music in the whole score.
  2. Shmi has a motif for sure. I'm not sure about the Queen but maybe there is some minor motif that I'm not recalling right now.
  3. I like Anthem of Evil there a lot. It totally works as big, evil, reveal music.
  4. I think it would be quite interesting for JW to score this film now. It might be the Azkaban of the Indy series thanks to a new director.
  5. This thread has motivated me to revisit the score. I love the color in the orchestrations and the light-footed whimsy of the music. It is a very fun score and yet lacks those standout cues that are present in the best JW scores.
  6. Listening to a mix of the OST and FYC, I am struck by how the most impactful musical moments are rather intimate rather than epic. The latter half of The Last Duel, Advice, Reunion, the many renditions of the friendship theme, Farewell, and many more stand out more than the big action cues and really define the score for me.
  7. I would love for JW to score a small film with a new director like Randy Newman did for Marriage Story. But I also recall that in an interview once, replying to the question "Why don't we hear more JW-esque scores in films these days?" Conrad Pope said that is isn't because composers can't write like JW but rather because directors aren't asking for JW-like scores these days.
  8. Star Trek newbie here. I've enjoyed all 3 episodes of Picard so far and have begun watching TNG based on various online lists of best episodes and episodes referenced in Picard so far. I've also watched a couple episodes of the original series and others here and there. Just started watching Enterprise and what the hell were they thinking with that opening title song choice? It feels completely off-brand. I really wonder what marketing insight or creative spark led the showrunners to think that song was a good choice for a Star Trek show?
  9. Awesome work! While I appreciate this score for its energy and how closely knitted to the movie the music is, it isn't a soundtrack I return to often. It gives me the impression of a lighter Indiana Jones score.
  10. Mine Mission sounds like Powell trying to work with JW's fugue style, not like an actual JW fugue piece. There is a roughness and simplicity in progression that you don't get with a JW fugue piece.
  11. Episode 1 is solid. I like the mystery and Picard being Picard. I thought the show moved a little too fast in some places. The ending shot was pretty sweet though!
  12. Sweet interview. I like how Previn pushed Williams out of his humble zone.
  13. Night Window, A Bit of Tin, and Come Back to Us are highlights of the OST for me. Sixteen Hundred Men is good too and the rest is good underscore.
  14. There is some lovely music in this score, especially the final track on the FYC album.
  15. Interesting that so much of the tracked music was already in the film before recording the score.
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