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  1. If memory serves, every "volume" of the digital versions corresponds to a single CD from one of the LLL sets. So the first two LLL sets totaling 6 CDs, that works out to 6 digital "volumes." I don't believe anything from Vols. 3 and 4 (which total 6 more CDs) has gotten a digital release -- though I could be wrong. In any case, the physical sets are definitely the way to go -- though I'm clearly biased!
  2. I was a freshman in college when I made the account, and wasn't yet an FSM contributor, let alone working for any of the labels, so using a handle didn't seem like a big deal. I've thought about changing it, but most folks there seem to know who I am.
  3. Bruce: Are you certain that FREUD/SECONDS pairing is legit and not merely a bootleg that swiped the Varese branding? I can't find any evidence that Varese Sarabande ever released such a disc ... not on SoundtrackCollector nor on Discogs. EDIT: I guess I need to scroll up further before replying!
  4. Saturday Adoption (the show, that is) is not lost media. At any rate, the website TV Obscurities lists extant recordings at the UCLA Film & Television Archive, the Peabody Awards Collection and the Paley Center for Media. But I've never seen it online or offered for sale either. Perhaps someone visiting one of the aforementioned archives will be able to check it out someday and report back.
  5. John Takis


    Yes, that's the Demi Fragale recording that I rather naively "produced" back in my old high school choir room more than 20 years ago and shared with the JWFan community. Hardly a long lost demo, I'm afraid! I'm still surprised that this gets passed around as much as it does ... and that there aren't a dozen popular YouTube fan recordings just like it.
  6. A new expansion would, by definition, include never-before-released music, which is a different kettle of fish as far as the licensing and legalities are concerned. Seeing to that can be a complex and time-consuming process. That some LP and CD reissues do happen in close proximity is a case of the stars happily aligning, but it's not a given. Trust Mike, though! He wants to see a proper expanded and remastered CD set happen as much as any of us. But if and when it happens, it will be in its own good time.
  7. Thanks for the congrats, folks! As I'm sure anyone here can guess, it was an extraordinary pleasure and privilege to write for this album. I don't see it pictured in the promo art, but, like most Mondo releases, the final album will come with an attractive obi that wraps around the spine with the film's logo and other information. I don't always display these obis -- it depends on how they interact with the art -- but in this case I plan to. (Perhaps I'll also pin the insert to my bedroom door with a jeweled dagger, if I can find one! ) The prologue plays at the correct pitch and speed on this release.
  8. Not my auction! I just happened to notice it. But it looks like the eventual buyer buyer got it at the $19.99 buy-it-now price.
  9. If you missed this one, act fast! https://www.ebay.com/itm/393392744312
  10. Made a more permanent display stand with the help of a recent acquisition...
  11. It occurs to me that the new Florean Fortescue figure wouldn't make a half bad 1960s-era Williams!
  12. Yeah, the beard is just a question of personal taste. And definitely free to steal the Guybrush design! The body is Norrington from POTC, the head is Aquaman, and the hair is Lloyd's from Ninjago. (I did try various ponytails with Guybrush, but then you don't get his trademarked wavy and unkempt look. So since he's mostly going to be viewed from the front, I resigned myself to Guybrush sans ponytail.) I think the map is from the CMF Scallywag pirate -- though any number of LEGO treasure maps would do. And I think Murray is from the Aquasharks line? I may replace him with one of the newly molded evil skulls from this year.
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