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  1. Hi, folks! A special appeal to consider the Paramount Westerns collection ... and not just because I'm a producer on it! There's some truly magnificent music on this set from Golden and Silver Age greats, both celebrated and obscure ... scores from the Hollywood in which John Williams came of age. Check out the sound clips when they go up and see what you think! And I'm happy to answer questions, if anyone has any!
  2. Anyone break down what tracks belong to what episodes (and a chronological order within those episodes) yet?
  3. Interesting incorporation of the ESB finale version of the theme from 3:23-4:23.
  4. This is the real deal, folks! If I hadn't worked on it, I'd have ordered it instantly. The definitive presentation of a Goldsmith masterpiece. Don't miss it!
  5. Yes, it's important to note that the Label X CD (which was not licensed by Capitol/EMI) was not a fully thought-out album presentation of the score. They simply released the score audio as it had been prepared for the narrated LP -- including passages that had been looped to accommodate the length of the dialogue. The Quartet CD factored the absence of narration into account, undoing edits that were now unnecessary, and sequencing the tracks purely with score listening in mind. The complete original narrated LP program was then provided as a bonus. The Label X CD is in no sense superior.
  6. Not too far a drive from Lansing -- and I'll take any excuse to go to Bilbo's Pizza!
  7. To your first question: Titles that seem new to you but don't have the asterisk were, I believe, previously released as part of longer album tracks. They've been restored to their original sequence and retitled. To your second: I imagine this is simply to distinguish them from the album tracks of the same name. I doubt there's anything from the old albums (other than the way the tracks were edited and assembled) that's not on here!
  8. Heads up: if you act FAST, you might be able to snag a new and sealed copy of the Kritzerland album at its original price! Bruce K. apparently found some additional copies while cleaning out some old boxes, and has put them up for sale through his Amazon store. Click here and look for copies sold by "whitesheik" ... just don't expect them to last very long!
  9. Nothing that would probably be of much interest here. I once tried looping the passage of the Argonath bit to have both Gondor and Ring versions in one track, but the success of that one is debatable.
  10. Edited to correct a misstatement -- I did't loop back to the BEGINNING of the Rarities track, but the part that kicks in at 2:44.
  11. If I recall, I use (1) the CR up to the start of the big Gondor Reborn fanfare for the fall of the Dark Tower; (2) cut to the Rarities track for the equivalent fanfare with semi-clean ending (around 6:12-6:29); (3) loop back to around 2:44 of the Rarities track (it's in the same key) and let it play up to that fanfare moment; (4) cut back to the CR version of the fanfare and let the track play out from there. The effect is to suspend the moment of Sauron's fall to weave in that extended, operatic unraveling of the Ring theme.
  12. You'd have to ask Doug, but I'm almost positive he meant "Sammath Naur." In any case, it certainly sums up my feelings about the track. Loved it then, loved it now! I wound up editing a good deal of it into the CR track so I wouldn't have to choose.
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