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  1. Not my auction! I just happened to notice it. But it looks like the eventual buyer buyer got it at the $19.99 buy-it-now price.
  2. If you missed this one, act fast! https://www.ebay.com/itm/393392744312
  3. Made a more permanent display stand with the help of a recent acquisition...
  4. It occurs to me that the new Florean Fortescue figure wouldn't make a half bad 1960s-era Williams!
  5. Yeah, the beard is just a question of personal taste. And definitely free to steal the Guybrush design! The body is Norrington from POTC, the head is Aquaman, and the hair is Lloyd's from Ninjago. (I did try various ponytails with Guybrush, but then you don't get his trademarked wavy and unkempt look. So since he's mostly going to be viewed from the front, I resigned myself to Guybrush sans ponytail.) I think the map is from the CMF Scallywag pirate -- though any number of LEGO treasure maps would do. And I think Murray is from the Aquasharks line? I may replace him with one of the newly molde
  6. I have that piece, but LeChuck just doesn't seem like LeChuck to me with his skeletal mouth obscured and most of his torso covered up. I actually tried out a number of beards, and here's the result... The one on the far right is just a Sharpie job, as an experiment. But the ink leaves a sheen that doesn't look natural on LEGO. And my experiments with dying the part were a thorough failure. So I expect I'd need to invest in a decent primer and matte black paint to truly do the job properly. Ideally, of course, I'm trying to get as close to the box art as possible given t
  7. Indeed! I customize virtually every LEGO set I buy. Usually, it's because I want a more compact display model rather than a play model, so I rebuild the set (keeping as many aspects of the official design as I can) or, alternatively, create a vignette for the purpose of highlighting the minifigures. Eventually, I started tweaking the minifigures themselves -- replacing accessories, swapping out legs or arms or hair for greater film-accuracy. But in a handful of cases, I set out to create recognizable characters that LEGO had NOT produced using (mostly) official LEGO parts. It can be extremely
  8. The BrickLink webstore, mostly! It's mostly reassembled from LEGO's Harry Potter collection: the body is from Cedric Diggory; the head is from a recent Dumbledore; and the bald hairpiece is from Ernie Prang. Even the "baton" is Voldemort's wand! The metallic gold statuette appears in a number of sets. I considered adding the cloth tuxedo tails from the CMF Professor Flitwick minifig (which I do have), but they weren't all that visible, and the texture difference between the cloth and plastic didn't look great. Still, it's an option! Seconded! Mari
  9. Lo, almost 15 years later...
  10. Hi, folks! A special appeal to consider the Paramount Westerns collection ... and not just because I'm a producer on it! There's some truly magnificent music on this set from Golden and Silver Age greats, both celebrated and obscure ... scores from the Hollywood in which John Williams came of age. Check out the sound clips when they go up and see what you think! And I'm happy to answer questions, if anyone has any!
  11. Anyone break down what tracks belong to what episodes (and a chronological order within those episodes) yet?
  12. Interesting incorporation of the ESB finale version of the theme from 3:23-4:23.
  13. This is the real deal, folks! If I hadn't worked on it, I'd have ordered it instantly. The definitive presentation of a Goldsmith masterpiece. Don't miss it!
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