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    John Takis got a reaction from EdC in Hi John, I've been looking at your 2002 cue breakdown for SW Ep 2: AOTC - fantastic w   
    Hey, Ed. Thanks for getting in touch! And sorry about the delayed response.
    Truth be told, I'm a little embarrassed by that AOTC piece. It's rather out of date by this point, and contains some inaccuracies. The community now knows much more and better info about the score. I recommend referencing this thread for starters:
    In any case, I'd prefer the analysis with my name on it not be linked if you don't mind. As for credit, I suppose it depends on what you intend to use! If you like, you can send me a preview of the post when it's ready and I'll let you know what I think. Regardless, I certainly do appreciate your courtesy in reaching out like this!
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