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  1. Well, despite my position, I have a limited info, but it was kind of a perfect storm. We're part of consortium of bands that will be premiering some of this music over the next few months. It was always the plan to release the music, which is why some of it was done, but pulling off this early had a bit of knowing the right people and the context. With the Midwest Clinic being the venue and Hal Leonard being present at the conference, the fact we were hosting a "Film Music in Concert Setting" with Tim Simonec on the day of the premiere seemed to make everything click. I know the 16 DEC perform
  2. Full disclosure: arranger here at the Army Field Band. We got the OK just one week before this performance, with Score and parts over email., with stipulation it would only be performed on day of the film debut (17 DEC). With that said, all of our gear was being packed into to trucks that same day we got the OK, so we got a quick 10min of rehearsal (as we had a total of 4 programs to still go through) before they would see it again at tech rehearsal on Tues 15 DEC. So the performance is actually the 3rd time in front of the music. Yeah, the audio is not the greatest. Lot of red tape with how r
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