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  1. Thank you for at least acknowledging the validity of my criticism. And again, I can only apologize most profusely for hurting your feelings by anonymously expressing any distaste for your favored composer. With such thin skin, it must truly be a struggle for you to make it through your daily routine, let alone to wade into the fever swamps of the internet commentary. Excelsior!
  2. Oh, I would never argue otherwise. Sorry to hurt your fee fees opining 'bout Howard. I am certain he appreciates your heroic defense! Heretics must be burned! How many 'rapport points' are required to give an observation about one's own subjective musical tastes? Must've missed that in the forum rules. I must in fairness (after a rather cheap shot) say that your writings on the LOTR scores have inspired me to take another look at them, that I haven't since, oh, 2003 or so.
  3. I find Shore generally boring as shit. But I'm oh so glad Chen G. will inevitably come along, on topic, in every Star Wars thread here with a multiple paragraph exegesis on Shore's use of tonal variation in woodwinds to depict the smell of fresh cut grass in The Two Towers.
  4. Do you think any of the alternative presentations of TFA music alleviate these issues? The Lockhart pops recordings, maybe?
  5. Can anyone tell me what scene the last minute of "Who Are You?" scores? I've seen the movie twice, and have no memory at all of such unique (and loud) variations of Luke's theme (2:25-2:29) and the Rebel Fanfare (2:09-2:13)...
  6. The only problem with the score in the film are WAAAAYYYY too many quotes of the Force Theme. Though, perhaps it only got cloying because of such a loud and clear mix.
  7. I recall Campea being underwhelmed with the TFA score (or at least its presentation in that film) so his calling it out favorably is a nice sign.
  8. Williams' compositions feature musicians.....playing instruments......JUST LIKE MAHLER!!! What a tool.
  9. Yep - he's a fine host and pleasant enough character, but my eyes tend to glaze over any time he's talking during an Oxygen podcast...
  10. Speaking of End Credits, what are the very distinct clicking noises heard towards the very end of the End Credits suite? About 8:15 - 8:19 on the OST....
  11. Plausible, if I knew the difference between a quarter note and a quarter coin...that's what you savvies are for.
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