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  1. This is such a marvellous score, and such great sound. Like Poseidon I always lamented that there was never an album back in the day. I'm battling to whittle this score down to an LP acceptable 40 mins. Just too many highlights to miss out on! Whomever's idea it was to recreate the end credits edit was pure genius! It gets a solid 4,5 from me.
  2. Not to mention the usual crossfades, segues and microedits.
  3. The more I listen to Two Martini Lunch the more I am struck that its Marions Theme! Beautiful!
  4. Ive always loved Poseidon. It was probably the first score (pre Jaws) were I instantly latched onto the main theme without conscously knowing It was written by that Williams guy. It was so disappointing finding out there was never a soundtrack album available. To this day Ive always been fascinated what pieces Williams would have included if an album would have been produced at the time. There was certainly some great material there. A wonderful title theme, stirring set pieces, a rousing end credits piece. There was also the hit song from Maureen Mcgovern as well as some other source pieces worthy of mention, ( To Love anyone?). So for me all the releases of Poseidon have been pretty special.
  5. Thanks for the info. I think i know the scene you're referring to... "Find me the architect who designed you..and who needs Doug Roberts?" It probably makes more sense that the cue goes there since it would be source music coming from the lobby and not a piece of Williams' underscore as such. Cheers.
  6. Anyone know where the source cue You Make Me Feel So Young shows up in the film . I've been making a chronological playlist including the source cues, but Im darned if I can find this one? The score plays great with the source cues included BTW.
  7. I'm always listening to this score, albeit in film sequence. My favourite track is actually Approaching The Enemy which i think was replaced in the film with some of the Omaha Beach material.
  8. Always preffered the film version of the main title from Superman The Movie over the false ending we got on the 2LP original soundtrack.
  9. Chicken In The Pot sounds like a track from Goldfrapp. Which is not a bad thing.
  10. The original Jedi LP seems to ask more questions than it does provide answers. Take the cue The Return of Han Solo (At the Court of Jabba the Hutt). This cue seems to segue into the concert version of Jabba the Hutt. The film version featured on the 97 set features a different arrangement of the Jabba material. The concert version of Jabba The Hutt is featured on the Charles Gerhardt Jedi rerecording and is quiet an enjoyable cue in and of itself. So was this concert version of Jabba's theme to be featured on the planned 2LP set of Jedi? That would make sense, unfortunatley the cue itself seems to be missing in action. It has never shown up on any release. If it was to be included how would the Han Solo cue have been featured? Presented as the film version or would it have segued into another cue? Just some random thoughts.
  11. I love King Solomon's Mines with Richard Chamberlain. But if someone told me they rated it higher than Indy V a week before it was released, I'd be a little worried.
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