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  1. You want Americana? This stands firmly entrenched in the top 5, IMHO. Written before WIlliams was even born.
  2. The signature riffing, touches and licks of Williams are here. A cohesive theme is still missing though and that is sad. Nothing to take from the theater, except *nothing*. And 3:51 to explain a point that was done in 1:32 in STAR WARS is a bit indulgent. Sooner or later, ALL good things come to an end.
  3. You know, The JAMES BOND Franchise was scored by more than just ONE composer, and THAT was DURING the Franchises continual run, from the beginning! John Barry started BOND, but he wasn't always there, for successive BOND movies, because, maybe he didn't WANT to work on JUST "Bond Movies" forever. Ever think about that?
  4. Oh REALLY? Without solid proof on YOUR end? WOW! I thought that the members on THIS board, were much sharper than you....
  5. Starting here: And then compare to the scene in THE PATRIOT, where Benjamin Martin, visits his wife's grave. I'm sorry that I couldn't pull up the JW cue through YouTube, you all have the DVD of THE PATRIOT to refer to! Discuss.
  6. Expanded to TWO CD? Really? Based on a two note "ostinato"? Bitch, PLEASE! THREE things I never got from JOHN WILLIAMS. One-JAWS Two- CE3K Three- 1941
  7. Is THIS to be recorded in LA also, in "pieces parts?" And if it IS, then WHY does "Modern Technology" PRETEND to know WHAT it's "talking about" in terms of an "orchestra" or WTF? THE FORCE AWAKENS was recorded with an LA Orchestra. And IT was met with derision and rightfully SO! I mean, YOU have ALL this money to spend on the VISUALS, yet, hey "I love LA!!!" YET , the producers of such, in THIS day and age, could NOT come up with an appropriate "REVERB" setting to at least TRY to approximate the legendary LSO's recordings of PREVIOUS STAR WARS recordings? I can FAKE the LSO, with just my TINY KIT! And through ALL of this, WE want to go to MARS??????? We don't have the money, or the inspiration........F*ck MARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And really FUCK DISNEY!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't CARE anymore!
  8. Why would "synth stuff" be complicated for John Williams, especially in the arranging department? "Cantina Band Theme" anyone?
  9. Without the FATHER, then the CHILDREN don't have a chance in hell. STAR WARS for soundtrack. STAR WARS and EMPIRE eternally mixed for best movie.
  10. "Depth?" "Complexity?" Sorry, but ANY composer who does a soundtrack, for a motion picture, has not the time for either. To the "average joe" yes, it does SOUND like a lot going on, but, in reality, it's no more complicated than a Beatles Song. Or singing a "round" version of "Row Your Boat." The modern orchestra, is nothing more than a four piece rock band. The orchestra just has more members. THAT explains "depth." And I've heard recordings of just THREE members, who sounded like WAY more than just "three." As for "complexity?" A lot of these "MIDI Maestros" on the web today believe that you have to fine tune and fix everything to the point of sounding "REAL", yet they have NO idea of how that is truly accomplished! That's because, most of these people, NEVER came up the "Hard Way"- like being a part of musical groups for the better *part* of their lives. And MOST of these people, are trying to tell ME, how percussion and whatnot, should SOUND? Orchestra is NOT difficult! But, really, you have to start, from the beginning...... American Beauty spawned a whole HOST of imitations, like HEART BREAKERS.
  11. Sorry, but STAR WARS is the number one soundtrack. These arbitrary, "best of lists" really piss me off, especially when I know the truth already.
  12. It's only condescending , if you don't have enough knowledge, to back up your original assertions. I'm not here to "put anyone down" just in case YOU haven't noticed.
  13. If I was writing the score, I'd make darn sure that everything I wrote was crystal clear, no matter how many staves it takes. If I want trumpet and flute doubling up on a melody line, supported by strings, I will write it, as such, so that there is NO question what my orchestrator's job is. My job, is to provide the "blueprint." My orchestrator's job is to "build the house" based on that blueprint. You don't say "use some wood for the door frame"-you SPECIFY what you want in no uncertain terms.
  14. "Disc Space?" Really? THE TOWERING INFERNO can be fit on ONE disc and be in shape, and THAT is a movie that was re-issued 10 years ago! And WHY would someone like John Williams be concerned about "Disc Space" when the man has worked with pencil and paper since day one?
  15. There are a few things that JW has never been asked to do, ( or has done) but it certainly would have rounded out his resume, just a bit more. 1. Why no JAMES BOND movie? He would have been fantastic both in score AND song! (Sidebar-The fact that George Micheal was NEVER asked to sing a BOND SONG, is beyond criminal!) 2. Why no out and out romantic power house like SOMEWHERE IN TIME? Sorry, but HAN SOLO and the PRINCESS within EMPIRE does NOT count. WHOLE picture please. 3. Why no OMEN-type movie, like his mentor Jerry Goldsmith? Pure Horror, just for the sake of it? 4. And WHY did he never TAKE the chance to write his own Broadway version of events, like Leonard Bernstein did with WEST SIDE STORY? Within his own codes, he's fine..I guess. But I, as a fellow creative person, who was ALSO born in the month of February, like my composing idol, do NOT believe he is "untouchable."
  16. Kind of back, in between large blips of "reality" and also wondering if my notifications were going to reveal some" bad natured ribbing." Thanks for the vote!
  17. I'm sure that Maurice Jarre and Henry Mancini have been "delighted.." at least once, during their careers.......
  18. Oh, more "pieces parts AOTC film making", tweaking everything to death and then calling Johnny in when it's time to score the next 2 minutes over five days?
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