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  1. Yea, I was watching it on my 15'' MacBook Pro. Yea. It rocked. I cant wait for this.
  2. Im going May 23th! Look for a 17 year-old spanish kid!
  3. That's Disappointing to hear. Yet so very expected.
  4. TWL... lol all the action sequences.. especially The Trailer Scene
  5. I dont think there should be any difference on which side of the tv the subwoofer is placed. It will still sound the same. Just don't put the woofer on top of anything.
  6. Yea that software is ok.. i didnt really like it.. to plain and.. blah
  7. I prefer apple.. but wtf windows... gotta find a mac emulator for windows!
  8. I use the same headphones as Steef. For speaker I use the Creative Inspire 6600
  9. Anyone check these "exclusive" scenes? The action is alittle more on the darker side, I think. Is the music by another composer this time? I recognized some themes, but the action music was not really Elfman to me... Scenes
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