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  1. Hello, Have someone pointed that in TESB, the track regarding "The Departure of Boba Fett" ( 8:49 - 9:10 ) ,the flute solos (!) haven't the presence as it has on the RSO album ?
  2. "Conversations" a piece for piano solo in two movments will be performed in July at Mendocino Music Festival by pianist Gloria Cheng . Monday July 22 3:00 PM Preston HallAROUND AND ABOUT LOS ANGELES: James Newton Looking Above Gernot Wolfgang Still Waters John Williams Conversations I and II (World premiere) Bruce Broughton Five Pieces for Piano (World premiere) Harrison Birtwistle Betty Freeman: Her Tango Oliver Knussen Ophelia’s Last Dance Thomas Adès Three Mazurkas Esa-Pekka Salonen Dichotomie
  3. And no "Man of Stell" to watch in theatre for me... You know what ? I am happy enough with Superman the movie and Superman 2, as if I would have liked to see the film as it was intended to by on 80, at that time some journalists pointed that the movie should have been a 3 hours epic film, but for money reason the producers cut in two parts.. So the french joke was to title the film Super Manne ( super profit ) ... I am a dreamer and I still believe on a possibility for Michael Thau to reconsider a montage with new music to rescore what should have been in the canon of the "empire strikes back"
  4. 9 CDs To SALE Here is the link ebay For John Williams Superman 16 tracks , no obi Jerry goldsmith Startrek (no 2nd CD), First Contact, Twilight Zone ( WB) Outland (WB) poltergeist ( Rhino) Michael Kamen What Dreams may come J Hisashi Princess Mononoke Morton Stevens Act of Piracy / Great white ( aka Jaws Mozzarella) http://cgi.ebay.fr/J...=item337866fe80
  5. http://www.amazon.de/Die-Komplette-H%C3%B6rspielbox-Special-Fan/dp/B001EGQOL8
  6. I wish Williams to score Superman 2, I still dream about a definitive Superman : The Movie ultimate edition with the 3 hours montage that was intended on the 80's, and wish the producers will pay Mr Williams to score the needed parts of it if they do that we will have another reason to don't need a new Superman film ever, IMO of course .
  7. Hello, I didn't know if this have been posted, the director for which I score films, sent me that Youtube show ... Enjoy !
  8. Hello everyones, I sold : Jerry recalls, RAN , Les choses de la vie, Princess Mononoke ( collector) and The Reivers... cheers
  9. Hello, here is the link : http://shop.ebay.fr/jerrygollay/m.html
  10. Happy new year !! Here is the link : http://shop.ebay.fr/jerrygollay/m.html
  11. Sad day, just after the bad news about Leslie Nielsen...
  12. You can find here many: http://musicby.jw-music.net/ Go left, where it says Midi files. Thank You, Some of them are good, altought almost made in standard 16 tracks midi.. Again thank You for the link.
  13. I know there is some piano midi or sketches arrangements of John Williams Music, have someone done in 20 or 32 parts midi orchestrations of Superman or others themes ?
  14. Hello, I am looking to know if someone can help me to recognize an instrument that appear in the soundtrack "The Deep" this instrument sound like a waterphone , but I am not that sure ..On Return to the sea it is at 0:29 ascending ans descending crescendo...Also at 9:40 it is more clearly listenable... Who knows, who knows ??? :unsure:The same instrument is used in CE3K...
  15. Yesterday night , at 9 pm the Nice Philarmonic Orchestra under the baton of Philippe Augain, has performed a selection of John Williams film score in a program called "Hommage à John Williams" at the programm was : Raiders march 3 movements for Schindler's list Star Wars ( theme, leia theme, imperial March, Yoda's theme , Final ) Harry's wondrous world Superman Jurassic Park theme. the bis was : Gone with the wind bis + Star Wars Main title . After a beginning so-so Brass on raiders not very good, the Shindler 's list has very powerful performance of Vera Novakova , super soloist of the Nice
  16. Along with Sinfonietta for winds, I sold In harm's way, Outland, Twilight Zone, Predator, Eiger sanction, Earthquake, and some Delerue.
  17. Hello everyone , I sold some of my CDs of John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith & Bernard Herrmann on ebay - The Eiger Sanction (used) - Earthquake (u) - Sinfonietta for wind instruments (new) - The blue Max ( intrada - used ) - Outland (fsm new) - Twilight zone : the movie (fsm -new ) - In Harm's way ( intrada - new ) - Alone are the braves ( new) - Free as the wind ( new) - Obsessions ( used ) - Moby Dick ( not the dick of the singer , but the cantata ) ( used ) - The Bride woore black - twisted nerve ( new )
  18. Hello every one, There is sinfonietta for wind orchestra and Eiger Sanction & Earthquake to be sold on Ebay ...
  19. It is Larry Rosenthal, not Lenny Rosenman...
  20. Actually, in Poltergeist, You have on the early scenes that have a portion of the same kind of music ... Don't forget the power of the producers on the film industry, they decide how the films should sounds...
  21. All Cds are sealed, free shipping : http://shop.ebay.fr/jerrygollay/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p4340
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