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  1. The concert hall speaks of a 'disease that suddenly occurred'. Williams is already in London and is hospitalized. It is unclear what exactly is going on with him. The concert will continue, but under the direction of a replacement. Williams is regarded as one of the greatest composers of the twentieth century. He provided the music with a huge list of iconic films, such as Indiana Jones, Jaws, Jurrasic Park, Home Alone, Schindler's List and the Harry Potter films and almost all of Steven Spielberg's work. The composer received the record number of fifty Oscar nominations; he won the statue five times. Earlier this year it was announced that the American would still take care of the music for the ninth Star Wars film. Gtranslate ^
  2. Another tweet with the same image but different caption "Amazing morning playing for John Williams"
  3. On the topic of Varese - I saw a glorious picture of JW sat in a rocking chair with the Varese Sarabande tagged (not sure if this is related to another potential release on the horizon). Good to see him back in his usual attire
  4. Just found a few pics of this on the Baltimore Orioles Facebook page! Looking fit and healthy which is always promising
  5. A few pictures of John in attendance of a Baltimore Orioles game! I believe there was a small concert before the game (think they played Superman March and a few others) and he was even throwing and catching the ball before the match started. Looking generally fit and healthy! Apologies for my lack of Baseball knowledge! Just realised there was already a thread on this - sorry!
  6. I don't think JW will record with the LSO again, but I'm not too fussed about it. Like others have mentioned, TFA and BGF both sounded exquisite in terms of the recording. Total clarity but no loss of power in the low end. I saw the LSO perform some of TFA during a concert in London a week ago and it was stunning but I didn't think that they could have done a better job of recording it. Most can't describe what the LSO has over the players in LA and I think that is because it doesn't exist, it's just the fact it's the LSO...
  7. For pure epicness... For the chills... I'd have to hope the elevator is going up the Burj Khalifa or something
  8. The thing with BFG is that I kind of forget it exists unless it comes up whilst my playlist on Spotify is on shuffle mode. Due to the fact I haven't listened that much means I get pleasantly surprised whenever it comes on. Like others have said, some nice moments but nothing really stands out to me. That could also be due to the fact I haven't seen the film though so I don't have much connection with the music... Needs a few more listens really!
  9. Yeah the featurette was underwhelming to say the least but it's still a nice piece. Better than nothing I suppose -_- I guess it's enough for most people who would be buying the Blu-Ray.
  10. I think Rey's theme has a really adventurous and almost enchanting feel about it. I was hooked from the very first listen from the soundtrack which I listened to before seeing the film. Now I've seen the film (5 times) I still love the theme and can't wait to see where Williams takes it in the next one!?
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