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  1. Firefly is a wonderful show. Yeah, some episodes aren't as good as the others, but a poor Firefly episode is way better than a great episode of most other shows. And I love me some Jewel Staite as Kaylee. (We even named our daughter after her!) I've got the Blu-ray of both the TV series and the movie on my Amazon wish list (even though I had owned the TV series on DVD prior to marriage, my soon-to-be-ex-wife felt she could take it when she left the house before I moved back in, but that's a whole 'nother story... And don't get me started on what she took of my Doctor Who book/DVD/Blu-ray/CD collection...) But yeah, I highly recommend Firefly. If you're a fan of Joss Whedon in general, definitely worth a look. If you're still on the fence, try the Hulu route as recommended before plunking down the coin. As a related aside, here's how I'd rank the Joss Whedon projects I've watched: 1. Firefly 2. Buffy 3. Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog 4. Angel 5. Dollhouse
  2. Hooray! My copy is here! My copies never arrive before the weekend! I love these specialty soundtrack labels.
  3. I'm really disliking the look of those dwarves. Like, a lot. Almost enough to put me off seeing the films. I can't put my finger on it exactly, but the design and look of them just do not work for me at all. They look too cartoony or something. Martin Freeman looked superb as Bilbo, though.
  4. I really hope they don't do Khan. It's too obvious, too expected. If they do, they technically could only redo the TV episode "Space Seed", or a variation of it, right? "Wrath of Khan" only works if it's set years after the initial encounter with Khan. If they just jump right to "Wrath of Khan", how can there be a proper backstory? Kirk exiled Khan when Kirk was, what, 4 years old? Please. And I sure hope they don't try to force "Space Seed" and "Wrath of Khan" into one movie, that would suck too. So I'm hoping for either an original bad guy or Gary Mitchell who I'd be OK with.
  5. Oh, good grief, another "bring back Paul McGann" attempt... Cripes, as much as I liked him in the TV Movie, why this insistence on the part of sections of fandom that he be brought back? Because he still looks mostly like he did in the TV Movie, compared to the other actors who played the Doctor? Because he needs to be "canonised"? (he already has been, a few times in the new series.) I'm sorry, nothing personal, but why why why? Bring back India Fisher, that's what I say!
  6. I thought he was playing a Vulcan/human hybrid, Sher'lok. Seriously, the one suggestion I think has any sort of merit to it, based on a few other related tidbits I've seen, is... But that could be completely wrong, too.
  7. How much did you pay for it? I found a second-hand copy in a used-CD shop years ago for like $5.
  8. I recall in the commentary on the Brazil laserdisc, someone (probably Terry Gilliam, I'm guessing, it's been a long time) said that Michael Kamen deliberately scored the fanfare for Robert De Niro's character Harry Tuttle so that it sounded like someone could sing "Harry Tuttle!" along with it. Most notably in the scene where Tuttle jumps down some sort of zip line kinda thing when leaving Lowry's place. So I'd say it's not unique to JW.
  9. Shipping notice! Yay! Always liked this score, as much as it may have been somewhat reminiscent of Mars from The Planets, particular the opening titles.
  10. So they're still going forward with this one even with the BBC threatening legal action, huh? OK, good luck to them. I am pretty sure it's not gonna be a patch on the Moffat-Gatiss version, not by a long shot.
  11. I don't think they're actually legal or have the "blessing" of the BBC. I think the BBC turns a blind eye to them, if anything.
  12. Isn't that what they tried with Star Trek: Nemesis?
  13. May I play? In no particular order... Tintin (JW) HP and the Deathly Hallows Pt 2 (Desplat) Doctor Who Series 6 (Gold) Captain America (Silvestri) The Muppets (Beck) I haven't seen nearly as many films (or heard as many soundtracks) as I might have liked to in 2011... hence my extreeeeeemely limited selection. I'm sure War Horse would have made it, if I'd been able to give it a listen or see the film, probably would replace The Muppets with it. Oh, well. Bonus: Favorite archive release of 2011: Gremlins (Goldsmith) (FSM) (Runner-up: The Black Hole (Barry) (Intrada))
  14. I did enjoy Baskerville, but not as much as Scandal. Partly because I cannot stand the actor that played Henry (I think that was his name), just cannot stand him. But also because the story did seem more run of the mill. There's just something about a Steven Moffat script that sparkles whereas non-Moffat scripts just don't. There was also some bad movie/TV cliched writing that I hate. "We're looking for something possibly very scary and dangerous in a dark forest at night... Gee, I heard something over there, I'll go investigate by myself and I better not tell the other people with me, because that would make sense..." Stuff like that I loathe. Looking forward to next episode immensely, though. (Wish there were a few more new episodes to watch right away, too!)
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