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  1. We've seen that Lalo is very smart. Him and Gus clearly don't like each other and I'm sure he realizes that Nacho doesn't have the resources to pull off a hit as such. He's been trying to get rid of Gus since he arrived in the US, so I'm sure his first instinct will lead back to Gustavo. For him to think Nacho alone had anything to do with the hit would be completely out of character for someone as cunning as Lalo has shown to be. Still, I think he will indeed have to hunt down Nacho and will probably try to use him to get back at Gus.
  2. Its an incredible tracking shot that any modern filmmaker would be jealous of for sure.
  3. Barry really had a knack for lush and romantic music as well as great action cues. I did a re-edit of Never Say Never Again using cues from both Howard the Duck and Barry's score to Raise the Titantic and it fit Bond like a glove. He truly encapsulated the character and the sound of the genre in such a magnificent way, and I think many fail to appreciate his scores away from Bond. Before I even really appreciated film music I used to love watching Somewhere in Time, and coming back to it as an adult I realize it was largely due to Barry's wonderful music. I'm interested to hear the music as I certainly have no interest in watching this film again. I made the mistake about a decade ago,,,,never again.
  4. You were a teenager once I presume? Crushes and infatuations come and go fleetingly in that age. Hell, just look at the example that occurred in the film itself for a perfect example. It definitely seemed a bit rushed and there wasn't much on Peter's side to justify his "love" for MJ, but I think her feelings for him were very well set up in Homecoming with her constantly following him around and being off-putting to him to mask her true feelings.
  5. Well, looks like Arnold is not coming back for the next film. Too bad, Arnold is too talented to be stuck in tv scoring limbo that he's currently been designated. https://www.mi6-hq.com/sections/articles/bond-25-composer-dan-romer?id=04522 And yes I know there is a thread about this, I just wanted to point out for those that might have missed it.
  6. Well, the book itself is basically on take on the creation of Superman, with the title duo replacing Siegel and Shuster. There are a couple of good action pieces in the novel, but he has a good way with relationships, particularly those that go bad. I do not know if it will translate well to this show, but he's definitely a good writer. I mean, he can't be any worse than Kurtzman.
  7. I loved The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay/
  8. This film sure has a lot of talk going on around it about things that have nothing to do with the movie. Unfortunately this usually is not a good sign, but I hope that Craig goes out on a high note.
  9. He'll have to requisition a new one from Q branch then.
  10. Reading through the thread, I guess I'm in the minority that really enjoyed this season. I thought the cast was well devised and I enjoyed the team aspect. It felt like the Davison era done right, with only the Arachnids episode really not working for me (though I like how quickly the Doctor latched onto protecting Yaz's mum). Overall, I enjoyed the less frenetic, more focused stories that were being told, and I appreciated the Davies/Moffat perchance for appealing to the lowest denominator at times was thrown out the window. In a previous season, Grace definitely would have been brought back to life, and the fact that Chibnall didn't do this solved a big problem in Who were anything big or emotional would be undone and lose all the impact. Chibnall has proven he is willing to sacrifice characters and I truly appreciate that there are some stakes again in Who. As for The Doctor, I enjoyed Whittaker's schoolgirl charm and enthusiasm which she brought to the role. It seemed a bit like Davison and Tennant merged and the fact that as a woman now the Doctor couldn't just step right into every room and take charge as in previous times. It was a concept I would have liked to seen developed more but it was done enough to get the point across for me. I'd definitely like to see more episodes like these going forward, but I'm afraid that the general "meh" outcry by most will force the BBC to go more POP! going forward and lose the more down to Earth and basics approach this season had. Maybe there will be a nice middle ground where Chibnall can have his cake and eat it to, but I'm afraid to a return to the type of storytelling that I've grown tried of and was waiting for the show to rid itself of when Moffat left as showrunner.
  11. Its available for streaming today. The 17th for physical media.
  12. Two of the three Woody's children whom he helped raise claim he is a pedo, and the other he is currently married to. If you can't infer from that statement, which is nothing but factual that Woody Allen might be a pedo than I don't understand your line of thinking. Victim blaming is terrible, and to say that Cosby's or Weinstein's victims are at fault for not speaking up and stopping their deeds is atrocious. You seem to have a great deal of personal bias in how you view the situations, as your response to Rapp shows that maybe its not best to speak publicly about these issues unless you are willing to have a fair conversation with others whom feel differently.
  13. Have you missed the last few episodes? This week could have been straight out of Tennant's era. I quite enjoyed it, and when the big reveal happened I also jumped with joy connecting something Doctor Who is made fun of so much was turned into an actual threat. I feel like ever since the Arachnids in the U.K. episode the show has been on a big upswing. The show feels fresh and rejuvenated and telling a lot of varied stories not seen in the show in quite a while. Despite being a fan of Capaldi, I was bored and have little interest in returning to his era of the show, yet I can see myself doing a rewatch of Whittaker's season sooner than later. What exactly are the problems people are having with the show?
  14. There was. There have been a few little bits here and there (mostly just extended sequences) but for the last few years especially its usually just been a clip from the upcoming Christmas episode. Timecrash was definitely an exception, as it was a specially produced story that went above and beyond. It was more in response to those fans that keep crying doom and gloom because of how things are going and "changing" that elicited the response than anything else.
  15. Sunday is a much bigger tv day than Saturday, and as mentioned the unreliability of scheduling definitely hurt ratings the last few years. As for the Christmas special, the idea has been worn out and ratings haven't been great, so why not move it to New Years and try something different. Who fans are so resistant to change sometimes its quite frustrating. As for the Children in Need "clip", hasn't it been that way for a while? If anything, Timecrash was the exception rather than a rule.
  16. His portrait was made up of graffiti on the wall on the side of a building. R.I.P. He made the stuff of legends, and in the process became one himself.
  17. There were a lot of references to previous regenerations, I think that was just one to tie to Tennant. There was the sign on the crane about risk of falling (4th Doctor) Spoons (7th Doctor) Amnesia (numerous, notably 8th Doctor) Accidentally bringing the new companions along on journey (1st Doctor) Wearing the previous Doctor's outfit until the end (11th Doctor) If there were any others I'd be interested. I'm sure there were probably a few more there that I missed.
  18. If you are digging McGann, I would start with Blood of the Daleks, the introduction to his 4 Series that Big Finish did to simulate his time as a Doctor if he was on tv. Each series has an overarching plot, and is a nice bridge between classic Who and the modern series. Lucy Miller (played by Sheridan Smith) is a fantastic companion and some of the stories are really great, which reference classic stories or bring back some former big bads. If just looking for general recommendations, I'd take a look at Colin Baker's stories, as he really shines in most of his stories and proves if given a proper treatment by some competent people, would have been a great doctor. Here's some stories I enjoy The One Doctor Jubilee (adapted on tv as Dalek) Spare Parts (adapted on tv as Rise of the Cybermen) Love and War Master (loosely inspired Utopia) The Foe from the Future The Light at the End (big 50th anniversary story featuring all living classic doctors and some companions)
  19. The guy with the cigarette was the one that Gus relived of his duties in Season 4 (Victor I think was his name). As for Jimmy being a good spy, you realize he was actually terrible at it. He did nothing but stare at the guy the whole time, even moving his seat to be closer to him. Gus obviously was watching and noticed something was wrong, and when Jimmy stuck his head in the garbage can it was clearly after Gus called off the drop (remember, the guy didn't have the bag the previous day but did that day, so no drop occurred). One thing is clear though is that Gilligan really is a fantastic director and comes up with some great visuals. The shot on top of the drainage pipes which looked like something out of the silent era was absolutely gorgeous.
  20. American Ultra was terrible. To even compare John Wick to it is just not fair. Ultra is a comedy with some action written by Max Landis (terrible writer btw) while Wick was a nice old school action film with tremendous action scenes. John Wicks' story was stupid and simple, but that's not the important stuff. Its an action movie through and through and delivers immensely with a nice world with the assassins built in but not in your face. American Ultra couldn't decide what it wanted to be and didn't do comedy or action well.
  21. Anybody interested in watching this, TCM is showing this and a select number of Williams scored movies on MONDAY September 12, including a showing of Spielberg's AFI show as well. I missed the initial showing so this will be my first time watching the full event so I'm looking forward. Hopefully anyone else that missed it will get the chance to see it for the first time.
  22. Yes, that has to do with Doctor Strange, but they may also be using it to tie in with the current events of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. though its probably just a coincidence the items look the same and can teleport things.
  23. The Flash has already introduced the concept of multiple worlds (ie Earth 2, 3 etc) so if they ever do some big crossover, that will likely be how it happens. Greg Berlanti produces Supergirl along with Flash and Arrow, so it would seem almost inevitable that the three crossover at some point.
  24. Owen Lars is there too, right in the image of the video.
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