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  1. I made the trip up from Canada as well and I must say this was absolutely fantastic! My first time seeing Williams live and I don't think it could've been better. Was first row front and centre for the first show and a bit off to the left of the stage for the 2nd. The orchestra sounded fantastic and Williams was looking like he was having a great time. All in all an amazing show and I can't wait to go back next year. Honestly I haven' t heard a crowd as excited and appreciative as that of the 2nd night. It was electric in the hall. As for autograph's, I did wait around after the fi
  2. So for people who are going, Is anyone doing a meetup dinner before hand? Me and some friends are making the trip for our first time so if anything's going on we'd be interested in attending if we're able to.
  3. If anyone is still looking, the website seems to be running a bit more stable now and it looks like there are still some seats left
  4. I got connected to someone and got tickets for both nights. Floor first row and balcony. Keep trying folks!
  5. call 617-266-1492. Should get you symphony hall. The guy transfered me to the phone cue and now im in and waiting
  6. Yea same here. Can't get in through the website at all yet. here's hoping...
  7. Excellent. I also still have the gift certificate from last year so here's hoping everything goes as planned this time around.
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