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  1. In principle, it is possible. If the same question had been asked in a poll in 1971, about the 1970s, I doubt many people would have answered affirmatively, and even less would have anticipated who, among the working composers of the time, would have been able to deliver a score worthy of that title (*). Surprises are always around the corner! (*) I'm thinking of "The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing" (1973), of course.
  2. This poll made me reflect on the fact that I went to see several of these movies only because I knew in advance that they had been scored by JW, and probably I would have overlooked them otherwise. In some cases (Empire of the Sun, Angela's Ashes) the movies turned out to be really good, in some others (The Terminal) not at all!
  3. To be fair, every chord is the I or the VI degree of some key, and since he did not specify...
  4. This is just not true. The cue is definitely in the original manuscript.
  5. Indeed, in The Godfather Rota reused a theme from a 1958 movie called "Fortunella". It's worth to listen to this early version (the theme used in The Godfather starts at 0:56): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kej-oavI94w Notice that the trumpets at the beginning quote a theme that Rota had used in 1954 for "La Strada".
  6. The most joyful and optimistic? Superman's Theme!
  7. I entered to say "Gattaca" and "The Departed"! To which I add: The Fellowship of the Ring A. I. Artificial Intelligence Pulp Fiction The Book Thief Alien
  8. I have listened again to several cues from Poltergeist and I definitely see what you mean about that. Indeed, there are relevant points of contact with JW, although the Carol-Anne theme (saccharine, indeed) has some features that correspond to what JW seems to consciously avoid as being too unimaginative. I am referring to certain choices of chords in the very simple harmonic sequence - JW always tries to put some spices like at least some major-seventh chords, even in simple childlike pieces like "Somewhere in my memory". But in general, I agree on Poltergeist. However, I don't th
  9. Well, there are several similarities with some techniques that JW used frequently in action movies of the 70s and 80s. A striking one, for me, is the theme for Imhotep, at 0:31 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWly0yvaY5M The beginning of the theme is based harmonically on the alternation of two chords. The first is C# minor. The second one is a bit ambiguous, it can be interpreted either as A major or A minor, because the major third (the note C sharp) is held in several instruments from the C# minor chord, but the horns playing the melody go to the notes C natur
  10. "The Mummy" by Goldsmith sounds very Williams-y to me.
  11. Expansions that I have enjoyed the most: A. I. (a true eye-opener on a masterpiece) and Azkaban. Most desired: it would be Memoirs, if it were possible, but since it isn't, definitely ROTS and then AOTC. I do not expect CMIYC and The Terminal to contain much more great material than what is already included in the OSTs, so I would give them a lower priority. I would surely buy them as well, however.
  12. In my copy of the Signature Edition full score, the 4th horn has F natural, so Bb in real sounds, as played here. Of course, it is a huge error (one of the many affecting the Signature Edition scores), it should be F# as you say, but this explains how the mistake happened (if your copy has the correct note F#, maybe it is a later reprint). What it doesn't explain is how nobody noticed and corrected the wrong note at the rehearsals. It is not the first time that mistakes in the Signature Edition scores make their way to the performance.
  13. I haven't seen the Mandalorian yet (being not too eager to see baby Yoda, nor anything else from Star Wars after the awful sequels), but seeing the enthusiasm here I think I will give it a chance at some point! The movies: 1) Rogue One: I found the story reasonably good and well-paced, which is more than I can say about the other movies in this list. Re-watchable. 7/10 2) The Force Awakens: the story has its good share of nonsense, but the actors (especially the new ones) gave good performances, the tension between Rey and Kylo could have led to some interesting d
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