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  1. I voted TROS, for the same reasons listed above by others (largest amount of completely unreleased music). However, if the question had been about "only one trilogy", instead of "only one score", I would have voted for the prequels.
  2. He refers to the abbreviation in the top left corner of the sketch page, W.O.W.
  3. From the LaLaLand Intrada release: "The Intersection Scene" (CD1 track 3) "Boston Street Finale" (CD1 track 23) - I cannot really decide between this and "Defeat and Reunion" (CD1 track 22) "Epilogue" (CD1 track 25)
  4. Looking again, it is probably just a huge photo, not a painting. The fact that it is not in focus can give that impression.
  5. I had noticed that it looks like a painting, indeed... however, I don't think I want to have that in my house A bound complete score for ROS (or any of his other works) signed by him, on the other hand...
  6. I'm looking at those big books on his left... on two of them, I think I read "Star Wars" and "The Rise of Skywalker". If I'm correct, it should be the bound complete score!
  7. I recently "discovered" Brahms's own two-piano arrangement (op. 34b) of his Quintet op. 34 in f minor, and I definitely prefer it to the quintet version. The Quintet is a masterpiece in its own, but I always felt that the piano part was too dense to be matched in strength by the solo strings. Two pianos are the right instrumentation for this piece, in my opinion. In both versions, this work is really full of great musical substance, and belongs to Brahms's greatest works.
  8. I'm no psychologist either, but I suspect it is just an extreme case of this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Confirmation_bias Fortunately, when this involves completely irrelevant topics, it is just funny. Did you talk with JW? If you already spoke about that, I must have missed it. Anything else that you can share (maybe in another thread)?
  9. The fact that JW in Vienna told the story about how he thought Luke and Leia were going to be lovers, then he said something along the lines of "... and this is their love theme from the second movie", and then proceeded to play "Luke and Leia" from ROTJ, speaks volumes about the long-range plans that Mattris wants to find everywhere. (although, except for the wrong movie number, this is a bit more coherent than when he told the same story and then played "Princess Leia's Theme" in another concert - maybe "Luke and Leia" was really meant to be a love theme initially) W
  10. At least, we got a trilogy of beautiful scores! This justifies the existence of the sequel trilogy. It's probably the only thing that does.
  11. Wait people, Lebrecht is the first one (with the generic "I don't like it, so they shouldn't play it" thing), the Australo-Hungarian guy is Kugelmass. I mean, they are both wrong, but the styles are totally different! I'd love to see John Williams "going Beethoven" and replying to those people in the style of the good old times, but unfortunately, it seems excessively out of his character...
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