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  1. Ok, I'm out. Too much rudeness around here.

  2. The one that always bothers me are parents bringing little kids to a movie. You can't afford a babysitter, but you can afford to bring your crying brat into Skyfall?
  3. Uh, me. Knowing I have every cue is a huge boner-killer.
  4. Err, not quite - the OST has some editing differences from the score as presented on the first couple discs.
  5. That there's a cue in Homeward Bound titled 'The Wet Pussy' is great. That it's in a Disney movie is fucking uproarious.
  6. Interesting. Looks like it doesn't need strong melody to be successful after all.
  7. Its use in the last two (and TWINE) was fine. The other two maybe overegged the pudding, but only DAD feels like he's using it as a crutch.
  8. I wouldn't mind a few that aren't Star Wars. Lucasfilm isn't just Star Wars, any more than Disney is just Mickey Mouse.
  9. I'd have to say Lost, kinda. Music's good (great even) in fits and starts, but it's not a patch on Giacchino's film work.
  10. With every listen, I get more and more out of it. The quirky plucked rhythms, eclectic layers of percussion, deft string writing, portentous brass, and the electronics... what can I say? They're Cool, man! If this is as derivative as some of you say, please direct me to other scores with this exact sound, I'd love to hear them. Otherwise, get Thomas Newman to score more action movies.
  11. Angels In America Road To Perdition Howard The Duck Goldeneye (mostly among the older set)
  12. Star Wars. All six of 'em. Don't dislike them by any means, but a little goes a long way.
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