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  1. ^ Ha! That sneaky bastard! I checked the two tracks in question again, and it seems that the differences in length don't really help determine which is which. They both fade out at about 7:53, they just have different amounts of silence after that. And I'm having a hard time noticing the differences in actual musical content. So I guess I'll just trust the track listing until a more diligent listener uncovers the truth! If any more diligent listeners actually care, that is
  2. Super late to the party, but I just bought this and it's beauuuutiful. Would anybody happen to know which cues are different in the director's cut of the film? The liner notes on this release say that some of the alternates on disc 3 were used for that version, but they don't specify which ones.
  3. What about Goldsmith's The Mummy? Or is it already in order?
  4. Yes! This is just what I needed. Thank you!
  5. I looked through that thread, and from some of the replies it sounds as if it used to have a guide to the tracked music. But if it did, it doesn't any more. Thank you for your help, Luke. That's probably the closest I'll get to finding anything. I think I'll just have to try to figure it out on my own.
  6. What he said. While I certainly understand why most people would say this, I don't share that view. I like to include the tracked music because it is still a part of the film, even though it was originally from something else. But as I said, I totally understand where you guys are coming from, and I respect your opinions.
  7. Um... well, not really, but thanks though. I was looking for the music that was originally recorded for TPM or AOTC but is re-used in ROTS. Does that even make sense?
  8. I'm sure this will seem pretty strange to most people here, but I am trying to include all tracked music on my Star Wars II & III CDs. For me, doing this makes the CD feel more complete. So I have already finished my Attack of the Clones CD thanks to John Takis' awesome cue analysis, but I am struggling a bit with identifying all the tracked music in Revenge of the Sith, and where it all comes from. If there is anyone willing to create a list of the tracked music in ROTS, and where it can be found on the TPM and AOTC soundtracks, I would greatly appreciate it. Or if such a list already exists, if you could point me towards it that would be great also. I am very, very sorry if this is too ridiculous/stupid/difficult of a request. If it is, just tell me so. I do not want to waste anybody's time.
  9. I don't know if anybody wanted this, but I tried to sequence the Batman Begins soundtrack. I'm 99% sure that I'm wrong in at least one spot, so any corrections/help would be very much appreciated. 1. "What Are You Seeking?" [Track 1 + Track 5 2:31-end] 2. Childhood Tragedy [Track 7 start-2:08 + Track 4 start-2:47] 3. Training [Track 2 1:57-end] 4. Memories [Track 2 start-1:57] 5. "Embrace Your Fears" [Track 7 2:08-5:02] 6. Monastery Escape [Track 3] 7. Batcave [Track 4 2:47-end] 8. Applied Sciences [Track 9 start-1:34] 9. The Batman [Track 9 1:34-end + Track 5 start-2:31 + Track 12 2:57-6:51] (I'm pretty sure that a lot of the music from this segment of track 12 is not heard anywhere in the film. I put it here because it sounds similar to the music in this scene, just a lot longer.) 10. Missing Weapon [Track 6 3:50-end] 11. Lighten Up [Track 6 1:00-3:51] 12. Happy Birthday [Track 9 3:35-end] 13. Saving Rachel [Track 10] 14. "Trust No One" [Track 6 start-1:00] 15. The Wayne Name [Track 7 5:02-end] (I am absolutely certain that this is wrong, but I have no idea where this music actually goes. I figured this was the best place to put it.) 16. Dual Identities [Track 12 1:25-2:57] 17. Panic [Track 12 start-1:25] 18. "It Ends Here" [Track 8] 19. Rebuilding [Track 11 + Track 12 6:51-end] And just one other quick thing, if anyone has the complete cue list for Attack of the Clones, could you post it please? It's not back up yet in the Filmography section.
  10. Anybody brave enough to try to sequence DR. NO?
  11. HI! Uh, cool thread. I have used these arrangements for all of my Bond CDs. Thank you so much! And no one has posted here for a while so I thought I would.
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