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  1. I hope Mike looks at Leslie’s journals to see if there are any lyrics with sketches that match the Lost Boys music. and … was Dave Grusin music a temp track at any point for Banning?
  2. I’m a teacher and I like to put Williams music into the film clips I show in class so I don’t get bored. I put General grievous music in the U2 spy plane crash and it worked quite well! And Reunion from Sleepers inserted at the end of Imitation Game and Stanley and Iris all throughout School Ties also was enjoyable.
  3. Didn’t someone see him in an optometrist office recently and snapped a selfie ?
  4. weird they didn’t note which were unreleased. Personally, knowing which tracks contained either song’s theme is something I didn’t really need to know. Maybe the lyricists’ contract required it
  5. Didn’t Dees record a version of Moonlight?
  6. I kinda wish the Germany sessions were on the soundtrack release as alternates. They’re bad but fun to listen to!
  7. I took it to mean the violin arrangement was the last piece recorded at Fridays final Indy 5 session. the Usher said there were cameras present for a documentary. Revised: Violin arrangement of Helena’s Theme was performed tonight. Williams Finished recording Indy 5 (“felt like Indy 10”) last Friday. Last thing he recorded Friday was the violin solo version I think is what he said. The mic volume was quite low.
  8. Violin arrangement of Helena’s Theme! Finished recording last Friday. Last thing they recorded he said. Wow.
  9. Does any one have the Pops Goes the Fourth where they did The Patriot but showed the recording sessions before the concert began?
  10. I’m not sure if anyone mentioned it yet, but has anyone seen the sequel “Innocent”? I liked the book and the tv movie was ok. The music wants to be Williams’ PI theme and at one point it just does it.
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