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  1. Did the announcer say that the Olympic Fanfare was recorded individually by the players during the lockdown? Or did he say correctly that it was Summon the Heroes. I remember the Lockhart concert of Williams’ music earlier this year had some errors in the commentary, too.
  2. So, is anyone going to this? I'm going on Sunday and it'll be difficult not to spoil it by seeing the play list like I always do.
  3. Nixon is just awesome. The trailer music just works every time for me. As some of you know, I teach high school US history, and for a CNN documentary on the JFK / Nixon election we watch in class I overlapped Nixon and JFK music all throughout the documentary, especially the Turbulent Years track and Miami Convention track (come on, that ending!)
  4. Hello Everyone, I’m a high school history teacher, and of course I pretty much only show films in class with Williams’ music. We are watching clips from JFK and Nixon now, and I was wondering where I can find the music that accompanies Oswald being shot (so I can overlap it onto the actual footage). I know the JFK album is pretty incomplete. Thank you.
  5. I might be crazy, but I thought there used to be a Where Dreams Are From version with just orchestra and no vocal out there. I remember a cello instead of a vocal. I swear I used to play it nonstop on a CD I made, but going through the LLL release A.I. can’t find a version of it. And my iTunes for my AI is missing cues so who knows if I have lost it, it never existed, or it’s embedded somewhere in the LLL. Anyone remember such a version?
  6. Nothing beats 1993 for me: Matinee Homeward Bound Army of Darkness Point of No return Adv of Huck Finn Dave Dragon: Bruce Lee Story Dennis the Menace The Firm Sleepless in Seattle Rookie of the Year Free Willy The Fugitive Searching for Bobby Fischer Jurassic Park Age of Innocence Gettysburg Nightmare Before Christmas Rudy The Piano Mrs. Doubtfire Schindler’s LIst Beethoven’s 2nd Pelican Brief Tombstone
  7. I can't believe he didn't get an instrumental composition nomination for Rey's theme or End credits.
  8. I love when I hear snippets from other scores. I'm sure it was a coincidence though. Like Heartbeeps in Catch Me or Accidental in Indy III.
  9. Yes! I recognized Fury the moment I heard the clip too.
  10. This is such a great and recognizable theme that I play it in my classes to get students to clear their desks.
  11. When you write that it's the longer version of The Cowboys, is it a new arrangement? Or is it that you've never heard the concert version before? Is close encounters different because it doesn't include the extra music for the spaceship walk?
  12. Alejandro


    Wasn't the airport scene in Home Alone tracked with Nutcracker?
  13. If Ep 4-6 had been released after 1-3, with all the same music, I think a lot of people would say that Ep 1-3 action music was superior.
  14. I agree with king mark if he was being serious ... And I think Visitor on Himmel Street is the best cue of the year ... I can't think of anyone else today who would have handled the scene in the film any better.
  15. To the Lair from Superman. Mine Car Chase from Temple of Doom. Adv on Earth from ET. March from 1941.
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