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  1. Hello there everyone! Recently, I’ve been experimenting with mock-ups and I thought this forum/topic would be the most appropriate place to share some of them. Rey's theme: This is probably the most complex piece I’ve tried to recreate, and probably the one to interest you the most, feel free to ask questions about anything. I’m a bit anxious about sharing as I’m just a socially anxious person in general and although there was a time I used to post here, in the past few years I did a Luke and went away, had to deal with a lot of family issues and such, I’m still not likely to be too active, but this is something I worked on to better myself and if even one other person likes it or gets inspired by it I will be happy, even if it's far from perfect. And let me share 2 smaller, more "quick-fire" mock-ups from the end credits suite of The Force Awakens: The Rey-Force theme connection: Kylo's thematic material (this is probably the least accurate to my overly critical ears):
  2. I have finally got around to watch X-Men: Apocalypse and maybe because of the lowered expectations, but I liked it. I was sceptical at first about Sophie Turner’s Jean, but she was fine. Maybe if I start thinking about the plot and stuff I will eventually poke holes in it, but it’s still my initial phase. It was harder for them this time to channel that much nostalgia into the plot after Days of Future Past (the X2 theme is a huge help, that's what sold me the X-Men franchise back in 2003), and partly because of that the villain really seemed like a boring evil dude we’ve seen a thousand times before just on a bigger scale, but at least we had some nice character building moments, like Quciksilver’s arc, or Charles’s journey. I wasn’t a fan of the comics growing up, so I’m not upset about some of the changes, like Raven’s transformation to an A-list X-Men hero, I found it a natural progression for this particular incarnation of the character. Quicksilver’s big scene was the highpoint for me, that’s what I love about special and visual effects, we can now have scenes like this, another example for me why CG doesn’t necessarily have to suck (and the 80s music helps too )
  3. Next on my list is The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition. As a PC guy from my early childhood these old Lucasarts Point&Click games were my Marios and Zeldas, especially Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. On another note I never could get into the Elder Scrolls games, they were less focused on the story and I hadn't had the time to finish all games, but I always loved the music, like this.
  4. Love reading the different reactions, how it stirred a vast array of emotions. For me it was totally unexpected, I don't want to spoil the film, so I barely listen to any news about it. One side of me is disappointed of course, the other likes Giacchino, so I don't know what to feel I've liked him since his Video Game days, like The Lost World, Medal of Honor, I did not thought that he could have a Hollywood career like this, but I guess he really was and is at the right place at the right time (Alias, Lost with JJ).
  5. My only issue is that I only find sex truly satisfactory if it's with someone I'm emotionally invested in. The bigger problem is there were only one like that so far. My parents divorced after 30+ years, which didn’t go down smoothly and took years, so there were some long emotionally challenging periods in my "best" years, so now I'm in a place that I can't bare the mind-game playing nature of modern dating, nor can I really open emotionally and sexually to someone who isn’t at least a dear friend to me, and nobody really interested in waiting for that. So I guess it Is a problem then?
  6. A really interesting video about the score (and sound design) of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This kind of Eastern European folk music is really close to me, they're not unfamiliar where I grew up, and it's interestingly combined to make the game's atmosphere really unique and wonderful.
  7. I had 220 hours in The Witcher 3 on the highest difficulty easily It's a state of mind. When you're in the game, you're IN THE GAME. I barely used fast traver for example, I did not mind to travel the same ldistances from Novigrad to Crow's Perch for example, if I needed my master armorer. Maybe it's just me, I had practice since childhood
  8. This I can get behind! That’s how I imagine it too, and I think the theme in general can be used as a new Jedi-specific theme, it has that mysterious, larger-than-life quality for me, but my secret wish is that Luke didn’t become an irreversibly bittered old hermit and we’ll hear glimpses of his innocent theme clearly representing him for some nice moments, not just for random nostalgic/hopeful Star Wars-y scenes like in EPVII
  9. Yeah, that comment sums it up well too. I share your opinion about this that it’s not inherently a bad business practice and can be used for useful purposes not just for cash-grab, like most of the mobile games business or some really annoying pay-to-win titles, but some developers or PR teams cannot for their life communicate it well even if it’s just for small stuff. I don’t mind if Blizzard says that they want a chunk of extra money if you want to buy cosmetic stuff, but if somebody, or anybody starts explaining that “Uhm, they’re not really part of the game, you shouldn’t care if you don’t want to, we don’t care, you can grind it out yourself, etc.” that can be dishonest because their main goal IS to make money, and maybe they do need it for the constant support, so they’ve clearly put it in there and designed it as a random loot system that requires you to constantly buy boxes to get lucky or to farm in-game money (I use Overwatch as an analogy, but you can insert any game with similar features).
  10. Cool, nice examples, this old movie is something I've only heard about now, I'll definitely check it out for the music if nothing else. The Indy films in general are loaded with musical comedy, they are really asking for it, this is my personal favourite, this scene was also one of my biggest laughs as a child.
  11. This poll is missing the category of “My parents divorced after 35 years so I live alone with my father in our big family home so he’s not completely alone now that my brother, sister, and mother are living elsewhere. When I’m home my mother still visits me every day after her work but before my father gets home”
  12. My favourite console was the Gameboy emulator for the PC, those long nights of Pokémon on a big monitor in a small window resting my legs on the table are precious memories
  13. Hahaha, that's too funny. It's a shame they released an incomplete game, and the hype certainly hurt it. It’s still an interesting piece of programming, but this kind of procedural generation can be as much of a drawback as a helpful tool to extend the longevity. I’ve seen a comment that got my attention, the commenter called it “Quantity Over Quality: The Video Game” My gut feeling is that they’ve developed this system for generating planets which I can imagine took a lot of time, money and effort for a small indie team, but did not have the time or creativity to decide what to really do with it, so they’ve put some basic survivor elements, some shell of a lore with this center of the universe stuff and the random alien language wordfindings, and they’ve tried to communicate it as vaguely and mysteriously as possible to maintain the hype level. I especially don’t like that they’ve tried to sell it as a “kind-of-MMO”, which turned out to be false at the time. They’ll work on it for sure, maybe it will be like they’ve wanted it to be years ago, but the 60 $ price tag is way too much for it now. I’m a little bit late to the party, but I’ve been playing Overwatch for the last few weeks, mostly with my cousin as a team, and it really hooked me in. I’ve been playing Blizzard games since the first Warcraft and Diablo, so I had a vision of what to expect, and for me it succeeds at what it’s trying to do. And I especially like the time and effort they’ve put into the lore, the animated shorts, and the general design of it all. I’m a kind of a guy who values some knowledge in a lot of areas more than being a master of only one, so the character pool of the game suits me very much, I enjoy playing the fast-paced flanker Tracer as much as the Russian weightlifter lady Zarya with the BIG GUN, or the angel like support, Mercy. It’s the best when you have at least an illusion of a team, but playing with one partner is still much better than playing solo. The one thing I don’t like is the algorithm of the loot boxes, it’s overly grind-y to encourage you to pay real money for boxes, but that’s still no guarantee that you’ll unlock the cosmetic that you want, and it has too many duplicates. Fortunately it doesn’t affect the gameplay, so it’s a minor thing, but it can be regarded as a bit of a shady business, especially with the summer games’ cosmetics which you can’t buy from grinding in-game money, you have to unlock them from boxes, and it’s basically impossible to do so by only levelling up and getting the 1 free box per level. I got lucky and unlocked one of the legendary skins that I wanted, two times within 5 levels/boxes What do you think about this and microtransactions in general?
  14. Interesting thread, love the examples! General Grievous from RotS is what came to my mind the first time I read the title. I just love the raw power and rhythmic nature of this cue, it's nothing he's ever done for Star Wars before and since. (Zam would have been my number 2 choice, it's a shame both are heavily edited or differently arranged in the movies themselves)
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