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  1. I’ve held on to my respect for Whoopi over the years. It helps that I’ve never seen The View!
  2. For @SteveMc A couple of new short releases of Florence Price pieces for solo piano.
  3. "Air Music" - Ned Rorem (3:28 - 3:37) The entirety of that 10th section is just intoxicating. But I love that woodwind phrase of the main theme at 3:28 while violins play that shrill trill
  4. https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-51209197
  5. I disliked I, Tonya. I enjoy a dark comedy as much as anyone, but that movie was clumsy and very thin. The fourth wall breaking stuff required a better filmmaker to work and the script reeked of a shitty writer looking for “an angle” to tell the real life story. As mediocre as they come.
  6. I 100%ed that game and there is a way back in! It‘s pretty scary!
  7. It is pretty crazy to think that not only were Moore and Brosnan both already famous from hit TV shows, they were already famous from hit TV shows in which they played suave spies. Bond wasn’t really known for thinking outside the box!
  8. James Norton is a pretty incredible actor. I loved him in the BBC series Happy Valley.
  9. Burwell’s score for Missing Link isn’t bad by any means, it just doesn’t make much of an impression overall. But the couple of cues featuring sweeping renditions of this traveling theme are among the best, and least heard, film music from 2019.
  10. Whoa this is weird. So 20th Century Fox was formed by a merger of Fox Film and Twentieth Century Pictures in 1935. The very last film released under the Twentieth Century Pictures banner before the merger completed was an adaptation of The Call of the Wild. Now, 85 years later the first film released under the Disney revived 20th Century Studios label is... an adaptation of The Call of the Wild.
  11. So Jay was wrong? They removed it for the digital versions before the Fox acquisitions and now it’s back right?
  12. I didn’t imply I’m not a fan, I love The Smiths. It’s still classic Zimmer!
  13. I can appreciate the sound of a classic early Moog, but that doesn't make the arrangement not pretty laughable! Wendy Carlos it ain't!
  14. It's very Zimmer that the iconic guitar can't be played by a talented, stalwart session musician. It has to be a celebrity guitarist.
  15. I wonder when we'll hear something about the Narnia stuff that Netflix has been developing. That's potentially more my speed these days. I'm tired of the big medieval-ish fantasies.
  16. I'm very glad that Best Coast is back with their first album in 5 years. There's something so comforting to me about their fizzy, catchy 90s throwback rock. This is a good song!
  17. Maybe this Batman won't be grand and gothic, that wasn't always a part of the Batman aesthetic.
  18. Why does everyone talk like they're being bitterly forced to pay attention to this stuff? Unlike politics, this has literally ZERO potential to affect your daily life in any way! If awards season doesn't interest you or brings out your most cynical takes, you don't have to pay attention! Billions of people do it every year!
  19. https://ew.com/article/2015/02/05/alexandre-desplat-talks-oscar-nominated-scores-grand-budapest-and-imitation-game/ (obviously he has a team of people that assist him in some way, I just remembered this interview when I read your comment)
  20. *Disco Stu presses @Holko button* GIVE US THE....
  21. I get a nostalgic kick out of it.
  22. Most Bond movies are pretty bad by most measures. The badness of Bond films is something to be embraced! Of course a few are bad in the wrong way, like Spectre. Bad-bad, not fun-bad.
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