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  1. Having just seen this rather amazing film, I must admit I did not think Desplat’s score was particularly effective. If every other aspect of the film wasn’t so spectacular Desplat might have actually detracted from it. As it is, it was merely a minor annoyance at times. Almost every choice he made struck me as wrong for both the characters and especially the setting. I’ve really enjoyed Desplat in the past, but this sort of borderless, dishwater gray, non-specific Euro-pap was so wrong for this special movie.
  2. Little Women (2019) What a wonderful movie. The story is told with confidence, charm, and skill. I was under its spell from beginning to end. It is immediately my favorite screen version of a story I have loved for more than 20 years. Saoirse is a goddess gifted to us from heaven.
  3. Still waiting on them to add the option to watch the good seasons in their proper 4:3 aspect ratio. "Early 2020" was the promised release window. Tick tock tick tock...
  4. Sometimes (like just now) a cue from Pleasantville comes on and I remember: Oh yeah, this is, like, some of the greatest film music ever written. Honestly, at the Academy Awards for 1998, I'd have voted for Pleasantville over Saving Private Ryan (and I love Saving Private Ryan).
  5. Here's a podcast interview with Randy about Marriage Story (and Toy Story 4) at The Ringer. Interesting little tidbit that Baumbach temped the movie entirely with Georges Delerue. (Newman is 41:55 into the podcast) https://www.theringer.com/2020/1/24/21080751/the-15-most-anticipated-movies-at-sundance-plus-randy-newman
  6. Every article I see about this delay (is it a delay?) seems to conflict with the other in some way.
  7. I didn't love the first episode, but I did enjoy it well enough. Withholding much judgment until I have a better idea of where the story is going.
  8. I really would be excited at the prospect of James Norton. Great actor and only relatively famous in his own country for shows like Grantchester, not famous famous. Like Craig 15 years ago.
  9. Just finished the interview, it's really great. Because of their personal history, Previn feels freer to really push Williams, to try and break through the shield of modesty, so he gets more novel reactions/answers than most interviewers.
  10. @Yavar Moradi I was already familiar with Wintory's excellent demo for Discovery. Obviously, they did not go in that direction, tonally, unfortunately. If I'm honest, I despise Russo's music for Discovery so much, it kinda sours me on him as a composer overall. The main title is really obviously modeled on Game of Thrones and it annoys me so much that they did that in a franchise with such a rich musical history. My problem with Kurtzman-era Trek generally is that he's reduced Star Trek to trend chasing, to just aping the style and tone of modern "prestige" television instead of letting Trek be its own thing. I will say, having just heard his Picard theme for the first time (thanks @Gruesome Son of a Bitch!) that it's definitely not immediately offensive like the Discovery theme. It actually reminds me a bit of Silvestri!
  11. Important reference materials like that should not be hoarded and traded for favors anyway, but shared with the world as far and wide as possible. To delight in hoarding knowledge as "exclusive" and "fun" is contemptible.
  12. My deep dive into the music of Ned Rorem continues unabated. He only ever set two poems of Robert Frost (my favorite poet) to music, sadly, but both are completely, utterly transporting. Here's a fantastic performance of "Come In" from Rorem's song cycle Evidence of Things Not Seen. My one minor nitpick is the singer changes the preposition "to" to "from" at a key point that completely changes the meaning of the entire poem She changes to The whole point of the poem for me is that the narrator is being beckoned into death, to enter the dark woods. To go into the dark, not come in from it. But it doesn't matter much, the music is beautiful. When she sets flight with the phrase "pillared dark" my heart melts (at 1:20). Here's a recent photo of Rorem on his 96th birthday, he's still alive! Incredible how long-lived he and Elliott Carter both turned out to be.
  13. You'd really describe his scores for Fargo as "great"? While watching, I didn't note anything particular about them one way or the other, beyond the parts where he just imitated Burwell.
  14. I’ve held on to my respect for Whoopi over the years. It helps that I’ve never seen The View!
  15. For @SteveMc A couple of new short releases of Florence Price pieces for solo piano.
  16. "Air Music" - Ned Rorem (3:28 - 3:37) The entirety of that 10th section is just intoxicating. But I love that woodwind phrase of the main theme at 3:28 while violins play that shrill trill
  17. https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-51209197
  18. I disliked I, Tonya. I enjoy a dark comedy as much as anyone, but that movie was clumsy and very thin. The fourth wall breaking stuff required a better filmmaker to work and the script reeked of a shitty writer looking for “an angle” to tell the real life story. As mediocre as they come.
  19. I 100%ed that game and there is a way back in! It‘s pretty scary!
  20. It is pretty crazy to think that not only were Moore and Brosnan both already famous from hit TV shows, they were already famous from hit TV shows in which they played suave spies. Bond wasn’t really known for thinking outside the box!
  21. James Norton is a pretty incredible actor. I loved him in the BBC series Happy Valley.
  22. Burwell’s score for Missing Link isn’t bad by any means, it just doesn’t make much of an impression overall. But the couple of cues featuring sweeping renditions of this traveling theme are among the best, and least heard, film music from 2019.
  23. Whoa this is weird. So 20th Century Fox was formed by a merger of Fox Film and Twentieth Century Pictures in 1935. The very last film released under the Twentieth Century Pictures banner before the merger completed was an adaptation of The Call of the Wild. Now, 85 years later the first film released under the Disney revived 20th Century Studios label is... an adaptation of The Call of the Wild.
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