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  1. GBA SP is a beautiful wonderful system. We stan a legend!
  2. I'm going to preorder Super Sackboy 3D World for PS4 whenever it's up on Amazon. The only LBP game I've played is 3 and I only thought it was "OK" but this new game looks pretty cool.
  3. I owned an OG 3DS then upgraded to an XL, then upgraded to a New XL. But then that broke and for some reason decided to replace it with a New 2DS XL. It’s a really attractive system but I finally decided that it was unacceptable to never play 3D games in 3D again. This will hopefully be my final purchase of a 3DS system
  4. I’m not surprised by Kotaku doing this but it’s still truly outrageous. Reading the article and the comments, these people are so far into a fantasy model of reality that it has completely warped their understanding of people and the world.
  5. I bought a New 3DS XL today
  6. eaten a grilled cheese that had as much mayonnaise as cheese on it
  7. The state of who owns what from the Dreamworks library seems very complicated to me, but by the end of this paragraph I *think* Paramount owns Amistad right now?? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_DreamWorks_Pictures_films
  8. Well, in the investor briefing, Furukawa said we were still in the middle of the Switch lifecycle. But of course that's pretty open to interpretation. It's actually kinda nice that they've completely broken free of running parallel to the Microsoft/Sony generational schedule. This is somebody who was live-tweeting Furukawa's comments
  9. Almost certainly. Although that's always a signal that we're in the last 1-2 years of a platform's life, so it might be a few years yet.
  10. Are people extrapolating and assessing moral and political worldviews out of what movies other people like again??? You've been warned about this before, JWFan. Yellow card!
  11. I listened to Amistad twice in a row.... ama? I don’t really go back to the re-recording much since the LLL came out. Obviously the film recordings pale in an audio comparison but there is a magic and a life to them that I find lacking in the re-recording.
  12. "This news has come out of nowhere" lol it was officially confirmed more than 2.5 years ago https://kotaku.com/1822613253 https://www.nintendoworldreport.com/news/46340/nintendo-officially-partners-with-illumination-for-new-mario-movie Anyway, as one of the biggest if not the biggest Mario fans on this forum, I can't say I'm especially excited for it. The first movie in the 90s was a mistake too but at least it was so effing bizarre and crazy that's it fascinating. But hey, maybe I'll be surprised. One thing that would make me excited is if the score was actually done by Koji Kondo or just an actual Nintendo composer like Mahito Yokota. But it'll probably be Junkie XL.
  13. I say this as a fan of his, but Thomas Newman's Bond scores suck. Serra's score is 100% better than both of his.
  14. Oh I almost forgot to mention that I got pretty addicted to 100% Origami King, especially finding all the hidden Toads in each map area. It was a surprisingly fun exploration game that rewards you for looking in every nook and cranny. I haven't really been playing a lot on Switch outside of Picross and revisiting old platformer favorites like I do pretty much all the time. Unsurprisingly Animal Crossing dropped out of my gaming habit completely, but we had a good time with it for a couple of months and I don't feel I wasted my money.
  15. I liked it a LOT. The battle system could get a little tiresome, but it was certainly not enraging like the Color Splash one, and the game gave me plenty of tools to make battles easier. Once it became clear I wasn't playing to be challenged by the battles, I felt no guilt at all in using those tools. The art, the story, the characters were all very charming and fun. My daughter got really invested in the game as a spectator so that made it even better. Personally I thought it was the best Paper Mario in years, a good time from start to finish.
  16. There's just very very few 3rd party announcements I can see myself getting excited about. Especially if this is just Monster Hunter as rumored.
  17. I bought Munster, Go Home yesterday in addition to Forces of Nature. Been enjoying watching the original series with my daughter, including the music, and the expanded orchestral sound for this TV movie score sounds cool. Plus, it's always nice to have more Halloween adjacent scores!
  18. The original is already on the SNES app
  19. The Super Nintendo Picross is good. A little difficult to go back with the modern conveniences of the Jupiter games, but still fun.
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