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  1. I've always had a weird thing for "Clef Club No. 1", since I was a teenager. Randy would go on to write better, more impressive scores, but there's a lovely charm to this one that always makes it an appealing listen.
  2. I basically agree with you, but I will say that in Endgame she nailed her one interesting scene as a character: the one holding down the fort at Avengers HQ not long after the "5 Years Later" jump, the scene with Rogers.
  3. Ken Jennings won it all in the GOAT Jeopardy tournament! That was an incredibly exciting hour of television for weird trivia nerds.
  4. Apropos of nothing, I learned a new word tonight and I think it perfectly describes JWFan!
  5. I've heard so many recordings of Porgy & Bess, but I generally default to John Mauceri's from 2006 for Decca. It's interesting that that Gershwin by Grofe release doesn't include the rare Grofe orchestration of Second Rhapsody when Richman himself had recorded it a few years before for Bridge Records https://bridgerecords.com/products/9212
  6. sigmund freud analyze this analyze this
  7. I was correct https://pitchfork.com/features/5-10-15-20/noah-baumbach-music/
  8. I've never heard a Billie Eilish song, so I'll go into the Bond film with truly open ears.
  9. Some of my favorite Bond songs are the ones that sound really "of their time" in a cheesy way.
  10. Both of these have been performed live before (if you count LTP performances for the former).
  11. The 5 Elektra/Nonesuch recordings of complete Gershwin musicals are 100% essential. Add to those the 1987 Michael Tilson Thomas recordings of Of Thee I Sing and Let 'Em Eat Cake, also essential if you're interested in Gershwin's Broadway music as he originally composed/intended it. There's also these 1998 (released 2001) paired recordings of Tip-Toes and Tell Me More that I have not purchased yet, so I can't speak to their quality. http://www.newworldrecords.org/album.cgi?rm=view&album_id=80598 I just wish the recordings hadn't stopped! Still waiting on recordings of musicals like Funny Face and Rosalie. The world is also still waiting on the new critical editions of Gershwin works to start coming out of The Gershwin Initiative at the University of Michigan. The musicals are on the list to be published, but probably farther down the priorities relative to the concert works. https://smtd.umich.edu/ami/gershwin/ Here it says "Series 5" is the stage shows https://smtd.umich.edu/ami/gershwin/?page_id=59
  12. In my opinion, Jack Gibbons' 4-disc The Authentic George Gershwin collection is an essential part of any Gershwin fan's collection (although it's sadly out of print and not available digitally). I feel that solo piano is almost how Gershwin's music was *meant* to be heard, and this is a more than 4.5 hour survey of his career through that lens. And these are not interpretive "re-arrangements" of Gershwin pieces, these are as close as possible to not just how Gershwin wrote them, but in many cases how he performed them. Meaning it's a lot of performances of his piano rolls, transcriptions of recorded performances, and original piano score versions of pieces before they were orchestrated. I think Gibbons really captures the restless energy and rhythm that Gershwin brought even when he performed ballads. For example, here's a fantastic performance of Second Rhapsody, one of my favorite Gershwin pieces.
  13. Desplat's first MCU score. Interesting...
  14. The first movement of Stravinsky’s Concerto for Piano and Winds rocks so freakin’ hard. I get really into it.
  15. But let's not forget that our beloved Saoirse just got her 4th nomination at age 25!
  16. Is this a real movie? Greyhound, a WWII action film written by and starring Tom Hanks? Coming out in May released by Sony? With a score by BLAKE NEELY????? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greyhound_(film)
  17. I saw an interview with Tom Hanks ahead of his Globes lifetime achievement award where he referred to the time between the Golden Globes and the Oscars as "Hollywood's High Holy Month" which made me giggle. Amazingly, his Supporting Actor nom today is his first nomination since Cast Away! I personally would have nominated him for Road to Perdition, Catch Me If You Can, The Ladykillers, Captain Phillips, and Bridge of Spies in that time period, but that's just me, a huge fan of Tom Hanks.
  18. Oh and it's very nice that Rian Johnson received his first Oscar nomination this morning. I don't think he has a chance, but Original Screenplay is always the category where a cool movie that otherwise doesn't have Oscar buzz can manage to sneak in.
  19. I enjoy Tarantino the same way I enjoy Waffle House food.
  20. He hasn't been nominated since Tree of Life. He spent the last decade puncturing his own mystique and I feel like Academy types lost interest in him.
  21. Well, I'm the weirdo who preferred Django to Basterds, but what I loved about OUATIH is how it seemed to combine style elements from across his career into one thing. It's a self-indulgent hodgepodge, but one I was just so happy to let myself be immersed in. The pop-culture nostalgic ADD magpie style might not be everyone's cuppa tea, but I really dug it.
  22. I seem to remember being the only person on JWFan who loved (or even especially liked) OUATIH, but I would be perfectly happy with Tarantino winning Director. The movie wouldn't be my personal pick for Best Picture, but I wouldn't be unhappy with it winning that either.
  23. It would be truly bizarre irony if Todd Phillips won Best Director for Joker over Scorsese.
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