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  1. Is it *officially* officially confirmed that the SM64 port in All-Stars retains the same digital camera controls from the original? Having SM64 with analog camera would be worth 60 bucks all by itself for me.
  2. Coincidentally, my 6-year-old daughter has gotten super into Munsters reruns on Cozi over the last month.
  3. Rewatched Mission: Impossible - Fallout. Balfe's score is *so* distractingly awful in the climactic chopper chase, and even worse in the mountaintop fight, I really have to work at ignoring it to enjoy the amazing setpiece.
  4. I'm a huge Mario Kart fan and it speaks to the quality of Mario Kart 8 (easily the best of the series) that it took 6 years of it being THE Mario Kart before it felt like it was time for a new one. I'd love a Mario Kart 9, but I bet it won't happen for years yet when MK8 is still selling like crazy.
  5. Mario games are the main reason I've stayed a very active Nintendo fan so far into adulthood/parenthood, they're the main reason I keep playing games at all. But this actually means that yesterday's big Mario Direct felt like it wasn't for me. I've never really stopped playing and replaying all the old games, and the announcements were really more for people who either (a) are nostalgic for, say, Mario Sunshine but haven't played it in 15 years or (b) are more recent Mario fans that haven't played the classic 3D games. Every single game announced as coming to Switch yesterday I have replayed in the last 2-3 years. The one thing that would've gotten me really excited is if the 3D All-Stars weren't just ports but full remakes (or at least somewhat more enhanced ports). But that didn't happen. All that said, obviously I preordered the All-Stars collection on Amazon as soon as I finished watching the Direct and I played a half hour of the original All-Stars via Switch Online last night
  6. Oh yeah I do like Eric Whitacre the person! Very cool and interesting dude. Both Shaw and Whitacre stand out in their generation of “serious” composers for being unabashedly emotional in their writing I think.
  7. I think I've said it before. It's not the coolest soundtrack for a Mario game, but it's the most *Mario* sounding one. It's what a Mario game should sound like essentially to me. I gotta admit I'm way less excited for the 3D Mario collection knowing they're just ports with no improvements to modernize them.
  8. this is the best case scenario!!! I think I’m the biggest 3D World fan around here? It’s still my favorite Mario soundtrack of all time. So I’d be very very excited for more game.
  9. I wonder what the heck Bowser’s Fury is. Probably I’ll be disappointed and it’s just a lame online multiplayer mode. But what if it’s more?!
  10. Justice for Galaxy 2!
  11. Not my cuppa tea. I would say Caroline Shaw is a contemporary composer whose work for choir is of a much more interesting personality, though @KK will probably still think me a wannabe Brooklyn hipster
  12. Exploring Haydn's music, you find so many wonderful pieces in less famous little corners of his massive output. This piano trio in F is a pure delight. I love his especially athletic allegros.
  13. Appropriately for the beginning of the month, I've always loved this hunting march from Tchaikovky's Seasons.
  14. My kingdom for a Bond movie without Purvis & Wade involved. It would be the first since Tomorrow Never Dies, which surprise surprise is the last time Bond was good IMO
  15. Out of pure nostalgia, I have a soft spot for a few of his cheesy 90s scores. Kindergarten Cop, Angels in the Outfield, The Mask. I mean this just sounds like childhood in the early 90s to me.
  16. Bill and Ted Face the Music was nice and positive but dissipated immediately, melted like cotton candy. Nobody comes out of it looking bad or embarrassed which is sort of an accomplishment in itself for a 30 years later comedy sequel.
  17. I am seeing Bill & Ted in a movie theater this evening. I’m not excited about the movie, I never had strong feelings one way or another for the original and never saw Bogus, but I am very excited to go to the theater again.
  18. It seems he actually managed to keep his illness private.
  19. Wow, his career just taking off into the stratosphere. So young. What a sad shame.
  20. Also as part of my recent Haydn listening, the Marriner recording of the Oxford symphony is just about as perfect as it gets. He was on fire with Philips in the 1970s.
  21. For me personally, his Mozart recordings are *definitive*. I don't need any other recordings of the concertos, I only want Brendel.
  22. I'm definitely not someone who insists on "historically informed" performances/instruments for 18th century music, I just follow my ears. And after listening to many different performances, this Beghin recording is by far my favorite. I think the charms of the piece are best suited to the brighter, crisper sound of the fortepiano. If I had to pick one on a modern piano, it's hard not to just go with Alfred Brendel.
  23. I've been hopelessly addicted to Haydn's C major sonata (Hob. XVI:50). Specifically the below recording by Tom Beghin. The opening movement is just a mind-bogglingly amazing piece of music
  24. @TownerFan I must say that I have been absolutely loving the series of interviews with the studio musicians that have worked with John. Working as a document of LA session life through the lens of John Williams, it's just brilliant. Every one of the musicians has come from very different backgrounds, but they all converge on one city one way or another and enrich our lives with their art.
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