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  1. Plex seems so perfect for what I want to do (not be limited by the hard drive limit of my phone for on-the-go listening) but as I've posted many times here over the years, I'm so addicted to the iTunes metadata (play counts and last played date-time first and foremost) that I just can't leave. I'm in a voluntary prison of my own making.
  2. I have zero interest in F&F so I did not get to participate in the glorious return of big opening weekends (nor did I see Quiet Place 2). But my wife and I will be going to see Black Widow in a movie theater next week. I really wish Disney had released Luca in theaters, I'd love a good reason to take my kids to the theater (Peter Rabbit 2 ain't it )
  3. And today Mitchell has posted another Copland video, this time of the gorgeous piano miniature "Down a Country Lane." This piece is based on material written for the 1945 government propaganda film The Cummington Story (as you can hear at the timestamp below). Notably Copland mined this film for material a few times, including for the Clarinet Concerto. Missed this post. I also own this album (digitally only) and must admit the performances leave me a bit cold. Nothing especially wrong with it, but IMO she doesn't capture the drama of the Piano Sonata, one of Copland's "core" important works, as well some other pianists have.
  4. Well, even if it did work, iTunes Match doesn't allow lossless uploads.
  5. Whatever you do, don't try iTunes Match. Complete garbage that simply does not work. I tried it for a month and never once did it successfully complete an upload cycle and the ones that it "matched" to the store to avoid uploading mostly blocked me from even playing them on my phone saying "this song is not available in your region." I bothered Apple Support until they gave me a refund. I don't know how they get away with continuing to offer a service that literally doesn't work. I think it's meant for normies that have a library of like 200 tracks by major label pop artists.
  6. As Jurassic Shark said, both poll options are saying that the video game score is superior.
  7. The Trouble with Harry - Bernard Herrmann (1998 McNeely re-recording) Very underrated Herrmann score (even though it is the first Hitchcock collab). I love all the musical representations of the idyllic New England autumn. What a gorgeous horn solo!
  8. Sadly, I have to wait on SAE to get it before they can ship it to me.
  9. I first read this post devoid of the context of the conversation and for a second was like "....musically?"
  10. Singin’ in the Rain (Warner Archive streaming release of 1996 Rhino assembly) One of the great “mood lifters”
  11. He’s saying that if the Strauss is “the one” (as in the only) piece of music that Kubrick requested then he didn’t request Tchaikovsky
  12. He said, “Who am I to blow against the wind?”
  13. Darn, I searched! They must have posted some shortened version of the title
  14. Actually it was announced a week ago, just nobody seemed to notice? Or care?
  15. I didn’t see this posted anywhere on the forum, it was announced last night a week ago
  16. A pretty fun (and faithful) arrangement by Yoko Shimomura of one of the best Banjo Kazooie tunes
  17. Picard show-runners are what the French call 'les incompétents'
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