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  1. Now I'm gonna be disappointed if I don't see Ewan McGregor make out with Joel Edgerton. Sorry Beru, he needs to be true to himself.
  2. This isn't related to the Score Oscar, but you wanna know something wild? Brad Pitt is the favorite to win the Best Supporting Actor Oscar, which would be his first one. He is actually 3 years older than Al Pacino was when he won his first Oscar, which is considered the classic "this is in recognition of your career, not this performance" win. Al Pacino seemed as ancient and eternal as the mountains to me in the 1990s, but he was just in his early 50s
  3. Colin Farrell as Penguin is very cool casting in theory. But with all these villains being announced for the film, I'm not really sure what this is going to be. Will he be in a fat suit with crazy prosthetics? Are they going a more "realistic" route? Who knows! https://ew.com/movies/2020/01/07/the-batman-director-matt-reeves-confirms-colin-farrell-cast-penguin/
  4. I'm really, really not on board for considering Anakin to be Palpatine's son in any way.
  5. Romer's score will always be a "Who knows! Maybe it would've been good!" Zimmer's score will at least be less snooze-worthy than Newman's efforts hopefully. I'm a Newman fan, but those scores are both unsatisfactory as Newman music and unsatisfactory as Bond music.
  6. I completely agree. It's quite an honor to be selected by the Music Branch in the first place.
  7. Ignoring his TV shows, other than the initial Trek and TFA, both of which are good, and Into Darkness and TROS, both of which I think are complete disasters, he's made: - The most "meh" Mission: Impossible (Woo's film at least has a wild campiness to keep you hooked) - A forgettable 80s Stephen King-Amblin hybrid nostalgiafest that will mostly be known now for predating Stranger Things I'm not exactly champing at the bit to see what he does next.
  8. The sooner JJ is permanently away from Star Wars forever, the better. It's funny how this sorta mirrors his Star Trek arc. Initial film that's a fine, fun entertainment followed by a complete embarrassment. Of course with Star Wars, Rian Johnson came in between to make a great film.
  9. Unlike with a lot of the major categories, the Globes have a pretty good track record of matching the Oscars for Best Original Score. Although last year the Globes gave the award to Hurwitz for First Man (richly deserved), who the Oscars didn't even nominate! And just a few years earlier, the Globes didn't even nominate Desplat for Grand Budapest, which ended up winning the Oscar.
  10. Hey sorry for the late response here. Honestly, we got three episodes in and the show fell by the wayside. It felt like a pretty big step down from season 2. It brought back some of Sherman-Palladino's most irritating weaknesses from the days of Gilmore: introducing conflict to the characters that feels unnaturally forced and only there to provide "drama." Do you agree? If so, do you think it gets better?
  11. As regular JWFan Classical threadgoers know, generally when it comes to art music I'm solidly a 20th century (schizoid) man. But sometimes on a frigid Sunday morning in the Winter sun, I gotta go for this all-time favorite. Bach's Fugue in D-Sharp Minor, BWV 853. Ascetic and coldly beautiful. Stadtfeld's WTC 1 recording has become my go-to actually.
  12. @Jurassic Shark BTW would you mind fixing the typo in the thread title? It would make it easier to search for this thread when the fancy takes me.
  13. It looks like they're about to have a 70s swinger party
  14. Yes, the huge epic choir is done with more taste and judgment by Shore than anyone else, he knows how to structure a piece of music for dramatic impact. I was just saying that FOTR is the one I naturally gravitate to more because the musical scope is slightly more restrained.
  15. When I was 16 I loved Kaczmarek’s music for the fantasy sequences. I haven’t listened to that soundtrack in nearly 15 years though.
  16. He was created for Mario Tennis on N64 and quickly made a second appearance in Mario Party 3 that same year.
  17. Isn't the Golden Globes run by like 2 dozen star-fucking Europeans that live in LA and call themselves press? Their importance is like that of Iowa in US presidential races: largely symbolic and increasingly tenuous as time goes by.
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