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  1. I'm sure there are plenty of artists I am obsessed with that hate other artists I'm obsessed with, not really a big deal. Eno hasn't been involved with much of anything I've cared about post-early-80s but I love practically everything he worked on from Roxy Music to Talking Heads and the Berlin Trilogy. My personal favorite Eno solo album is "Before and After Science." Now we just need to get Williams' opinion on "Another Green World" or "Music for Airports"!
  2. Agreed. Just go listen to Gregson-Williams' "Legend of Tarzan" score released on the same day as BFG. I gave it a single listen over the weekend and hoo boy is it boring.
  3. @bondo (So no it's not in chronological, but it's not horrendously far off or anything)
  4. In my head it meant throwing shade at the Lincoln score as an aside. Like, "The BFG is just OK, not as good as [fill in the blank] but definitely better than Lincoln." And I just couldn't abide it! (In case you don't know what throwing shade means, basically it means to publicly, but indirectly, denounce someone or something)
  5. I've seen a lot of "sidebar shade" thrown at Lincoln in this thread. Lincoln is honestly one of my personal favorite Williams soundtracks! I love him in his Coplandesque mode and I find his music for Lincoln deeply emotional and compelling. Sorry to get off topic, I just had to respond to all the "I guess it's at least better than Lincoln" type comments I've seen.
  6. I'll be brief: I think this soundtrack is delightful.
  7. Maybe I was just in the right mood but I found this movie utterly charming and sweet (in a good way) when I saw it this afternoon. The lackadaisical pace didn't bother me at all. I found it to be relaxing and touching and just a good time at the movies. I loved the "child logic" used for all the exposition. Mark Rylance and Penelope Wilton were brilliant!
  8. I wouldn't say that I mistrust critics, but there are many movies I wouldn't give great reviews to if I had to write for a publication but I still love. I can find a movie enjoyable despite its flaws for so many varied reasons. A great score is definitely one!
  9. Just using what has been in the show itself, Jon's parentage is implied but not explicit. I'm not saying they'll pull a quick one and someone else will be the father, but clearly they made the part of Lyanna's dialogue where she tells Ned the father inaudible for a reason. Not every viewer will have connected all the dots. When the show wants to make something very explicit for the viewer, they ain't usually subtle.
  10. I mean, Benioff/Weiss aren't writing this series like every viewer frequents message boards and Reddit trawling for Game of Thrones theories. The bombshell here isn't that Rhaegar is Jon's father, but that Jon's father isn't Ned. They're saving the Targaryen reveal for next season.
  11. I love those two compilations so much. Honestly, they're what made me a John Williams fan. I'd love a sequel album! Williams could return to conduct the Boston Pops playing concert arrangements from Spielberg movies 1995 - now!
  12. Lincoln is my 2nd favorite movie Spielberg has ever made and I really loved Bridge of Spies. If you are interested in my Spielberg Top 10 or just want to yell at me see below Also, I am 100% sure that Spielberg was also a Democrat when he made E.T. so not quite sure what your point is with the needless political comment.
  13. Agreed. An expanded James Horner release doesn't need 'Begin the Beguine' on both discs, as wonderful as the old song may be. :-/
  14. Most of the negative reviews I've read can be boiled down to: "BOOOOORIIIIIIING" I'm going to see it this weekend either way. I did enjoy this particular pull-quote: http://www.tampabay.com/things-to-do/movies/review-the-bfg-is-visual-giant-but-emotionally-lacking/2283283
  15. While watching last night I just assumed that she had stolen a face (or maybe a bunch) from the House of Black and White and taken it with her. This theory doesn't hold up to scrutiny, but neither does the "Arya knows the face stealing magic" theory. It's definitely an issue.
  16. This would make sense, although there is absolutely nothing in the show to imply that Arya learned the face (and body?) stealing magic of the Faceless Men. Sure, she cut off the Waif's face and put it in that face...room...place but that was just a gruesome taunt.
  17. Quick, somebody photoshop a picture of Jon Snow or something into the dream bubble at the end of Super Mario Bros. 2! I like this idea a lot!
  18. I dunno, the visual effects in the trailers still look like really cool eye candy to me. Maybe I'll wear noise cancelling headphones when I see it in the theater
  19. The ultimate way to have this meta-reference pay off would be to have the Arch-Maester be played by George R.R. Martin, or Benioff, or Weiss.
  20. I just think to the average fan (I would count myself among them) the editing of the show makes things very confusing at times. Resulting in many "Wait but..." moments.
  21. I honestly think this storyline (the Lannisters and the Jaime/Cersei relationship specifically) may very well end with a murder-suicide (Jaime killing Cersei and then himself). I wouldn't be surprised if it did at least.
  22. To be fair, counting the special edition of CE3K as separate is practically the definition of needlessly splitting hairs.
  23. The movie didn't make it clear, but it was strongly implied that basically all Atlantic coastline cities were completely destroyed. That would be quite a lot of people, but for some reason the movie focused less on the mass destruction than the first one did.
  24. This nagged at me a little as well. They strongly implied that Jaime was only just learning of Cersei's actions upon seeing the smoke pillar rising from the Sept. If the coronation was weeks later, this doesn't make sense at all to me. Word of an event like this would travel fast. Again, these minor plot holes don't detract from my enjoyment of a spectacular episode, but are worth discussing I think.
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