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  1. I don't care for Star Wars other than the music. I grew up watching Superman
  2. We have to appreciate this time we're living right now where we have a future Spielberg/Williams collaboration, as this I think is already the most important in film history.
  3. I'm pretty sure Williams has concert versions of PoA music.
  4. I wish I could be there. I hope one day soon to be at Symphony Hall and/or Tanglewood to see John Williams conduct there.
  5. Yes, some like to make people feel uncomfortable being here.
  6. I hope Sony doesn't get any funny ideas next May when Episode III comes out.
  7. When does this happen? Hector - who's always been listening to a one voice chorus in track Temple of Doom
  8. I usually make playlists, almost like making a concert programme. I rarely put on the soundtrack CDs. When I get to hear a soundtrack CD it's to get to hear all the different variations of the theme, and other themes I don't hear often.
  9. Yes, that little cue for the transition between the music from the "Malcolm's Journey" and the main theme is cool. I like the concert version a whole lot, but the only recording I know has been made by Kunzel, I hope Williams' records it in his upcoming(hopefully 8O) Spielberg/Williams album with the Pops for Mr. Williams
  10. The John Williams recording with the Boston Pops is the best recording of it, definitvly. It blows the other ones away.
  11. Williams and Spielberg should stick together til the end. If you're talking about Williams' twilight years going to waste, he should stop doing film music, unless it's a Steven Spielberg film.
  12. ... from halfway up, it sounds like Williams, though.
  13. I'm expecting a new recording by John Williams celebrating Leonard Bernstein's 100th Birthday, the way he did with George Gershwin in 1998. Performed by the Boston Symphony, no less. Shostakovich Festive Overture, Op.96 The Boston Pops Orchestra John Williams
  14. Seems he's likes to end bombastic finales that way. He finished that way Call of the Champions and the Tuba Concerto in the Orange County concert, earlier this month.
  15. It's supposed to have kid quality, not professional singer.
  16. And the song the girl sings in Hook is lovely. I like it very much.
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