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  1. Yes, that little cue for the transition between the music from the "Malcolm's Journey" and the main theme is cool. I like the concert version a whole lot, but the only recording I know has been made by Kunzel, I hope Williams' records it in his upcoming(hopefully 8O) Spielberg/Williams album with the Pops ;)

    ;) for Mr. Williams

  2. A Billboard staff report

    (Billboard) - Sony Entertainment wants the "Spider-Man 2" compilation soundtrack to take over the world.    

    In what the company is calling the most ambitious global marketing plan ever for a soundtrack, Sony is releasing as many as 11 versions of the soundtrack internationally. One of the chief goals is to break select Sony artists on the album in multiple markets.  

    "It's a very modern-rock-leaning soundtrack," Brunman explains. "We decided that the soundtrack is not about having the biggest-selling artists but to have music that's right for the soundtrack. These songs were specifically written for the spirit of the movie and the Spider-Man character."

    Yahoo! News

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