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  1. Absolutely not, I was talking about other people that never seem to be satisfied when a new recording is released, and I do not recall screen names, and it has been discussed many times and some people are really so closed in themselves that the soundtrack recording is the one and only way the music should sound. Of course, they will be very disapointed if they go to a live concert.

    I do understand what you said about the brass, and from what I've heard in live recordings and such, the brass, especially the trumpets, always hit a note that sounds out of tune (or more than a note, hehheh).

    Live music is unpredictable :)


  2. Last night the upcoming Star Wars DVDs made the Yahoo news headlines, so I cliked on it and on the links I decided to go to TheForce.Net, and there I found they have Valentine e-cards, so I thought we could do it. Of course, when I saw "we" I mean someone else other than me, hahaha. But seriously, I mean, I do not know if permission for using the music needs to be taken, but there are plenty of websites that have John Williams midis, and besides, this is not for making business. And I would think TheForce.Net would have a more difficult problem than us because here they would be regular greeting cards, unlike those they have with Star Wars images.

    Anyhoo, I know you will say since I'm not doing anything who cares... just a thought :(

  3. I completly agree with you Donnelly24. My guess is that people become so obsessed with the way music sounds in a record, that any kind of performance where you note an instrument that you did not know was there or some other kind of thing that results in the music sounding different, and they become desatisfied, and thus never able to enjoy the music being performed again.

    I'm sorry for those people, really.

  4. Escapades for Alto Savophone and Orchestra (Music from Catch Me If You Can)  

    This is also a favorite of mine. Just a fun fun fun piece to hear live. And, a joy to hear Dan Higgins and Mike Valerio live for they are the performers on the cd. This piece was played exceptionally well!

    I absolutely loved the concert version. I wish I could hear it again.

  5. The Top Ten Reasons You Are Addicted To JWFan

    If you're daily routine consists of 'get up, go on computer to JWFan.'

    If you skip meals to continue debates with JWFaners.

    If you display JWFan merchandise (such as T-shirts, mugs, hats) in your avatar.

    If you would rather see King Mark's latest 'Who is the *-----*est Poster' than go out with friends.

    If you have over 6824 posts and live in australia

    If you have a job and loving family and still would rather be on JWFan.

    If a power outage means possible suicide.

    If when Andreas closes the site for upgrades you spend the day listening to JW CD's with shaking hands and glazed eyes while mumbling "it's got to come back..."

    If you spend most of your time pouring through the old records of previous threads on the EZ and Ikon board.

    If you know what someone is talking about when they say you are a Lier.

    If you spend all afternoon....yeah yeah!


    I got one... trying to figure out the password when the site is down :)

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