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  1. Thank God, we don't wanna make Neil work extra time to correct the problem.
  2. Frank Costanza was telling a story from Vietnam, he was the cook, and he tried to save some bad meat, when the soldiers ate what he made, everyone got sick, that scene where you see the soldiers vomiting, and going to the letrines is played in slow motion with Barber's Adagio playing.
  3. That reminds me of that funny commercial.. wait, I think that was a local ad
  4. Then it will be attributed to me. Quote me on that.
  5. Barber's Adagio for strings in the Seinfeld episode, heh heh
  6. Yes, I agree with you that last part you said. But look, the third one you mught think it's the better one because it resolves (albeit very poorly) what happened in the previous movies. The middle episode was the better one, it's the one with more dramatic content. Of course, unlike so many movies that are sequels, these movies are one, only separated. They cannot be one without the other, but for me the one that holds stronger as a movie is The Two Towers
  7. But in some aspects he got out pretty far, I think. The Passion, and I quote, it is as it was.
  8. Well, that movie was just a deviation of the events, they wanted to get controversial on purpose. It might be a good movie, but it's not thre truth.
  9. Mystic River should have won Clint Eastwood a best director award. But again, this is ll a big joke. The best movie of the three Rings movies is the one in the middle and that's the one they overlooked at most award ceremonies(if not all) last year
  10. Well, as for it was a real event, but I think Morlock is very wrong, there are lots of other movies that have nothing to do with religion that get more preachier that what this will be.
  11. But there's a lot of film music that ends unsatisfactoryly (I don't know how to spell that). One example that is in my mind is the track "Maid Marian" in Kamen's Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. I wish Kamen had done a version with a better ending. That is just one example, I'm a wee bit distracted, and cannot think of more now.
  12. If it wasn't for Bugs Bunny, I wouldn't listen to classical music. Thanks Looney Tunes!!! I don't have anything against classical music in films, as long as it's not abused.
  13. I have no longer respect for all these award givers... persons
  14. That is right, nevetheless, it will open as if a big studio had distributed it.
  15. "Danse Boheme" from Bizet's Carmen in There's Something About Mary. LOL
  16. Please, dear Lord, let them find Steef's problem right away, so he can comeback and post regularly... it's like thin air without him. We can't breath.
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