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  1. The new theme, yes. The music, it was good but not that great. As you said, Williams was on auto pilot there. Lucas should have asked Lawrence Kasdan or someone talented to write the screenplay.
  2. I think you had a dream of the past, you only saw an extra "I" in Episode II.
  3. Wrong boyo, Passion has more appeal for everyone, of course not much children will be going to this one. Besides, children have the better source material of the Potter films: the books. Stick ny them. Of course, I'm very interested in watching what Cuaron does with this one, as he's made one of my favorite movies, A Little Princess.
  4. Yes, Steef. I'll pray they can work out the problems so you can not miss a day here at JWFan.
  5. Yes, I've had that problem that it's downloading but never does, until I press the "refresh" button. Weird.
  6. Of course, I never said it was going to be number one on opening weekend, I just said it's going to make more money than Potter
  7. Well, we'll just have to wait and see. I do agree, however, about a show after ROTJ
  8. Yes. Passion will make more money than Potter. You'll see.
  9. I've known him by name for many, many years, since I can remember when John Williams conducted his arrangements and compositions with the Boston Pops Orchestra. As in one of the Boston Pops CD booklets mentioned, Billy May embodies the entire swing era by himself. In the 30s and 40s, May played trumpet and arranged for Glenn Miller and Charlie Barnet; in the 50s and 60s he established himself as perhaps the most distinctive and imaginative arranger-conductor in Hollywood. He was also an orchestrator for Hollywood film scores, his most recent I can think of is James Horner's The Rocketeer For more info go to Yahoo News
  10. Cool. I haven't seen that movie, but the soundtrack, I love it.
  11. Parker, isn't he the guy who directed Angela's Ashes?
  12. I saw the colored version, it looked horrible, oh man!
  13. But I don't get why are they so preocupied with what really happened. It's a mystery.
  14. My most cared for CDs are the Star Wars trilogy, Superman, Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Close Encounters of the Third Kind
  15. For good reason it's celebrated. But the movie is a great movie that should be enjoyed by anyone.
  16. Also, these events happened in the Middle East, I guess there will be somewhat of an interest there.
  17. Passion makes it the biggest event in 2000 years. (minus 33 ... plus 4, heh heh)
  18. Only things by North I have is the song "Unchained Melody" performed by the, umm Smothers Brothers is it? LOL j/k I have the score for Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf conducted by Goldsmith
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