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  1. Then I need to... let me rephrase, I must get that CD.
  2. And now I'm out. G'night Williams Theme from Born on the Fourth of July Tim Morrison, trumpet The Boston Pops Orchestra John Williams
  3. Ah, that's right. That's part is lovely. But in the score you can hardly hear it. You can hear it best in some recording I found somewhere from the 2001 Hollywood Bowl concert, which was a concert I attended Williams Concerto for Tuba and Orchestra Chester Schmidtz, tuba The Boston Pops Orchestra John Williams
  4. Hey, let's chat. I see a couple of members online. I'm there, even as we speak. Williams Call to the Champions Mormon Tabernacle Choir Utah Symphony John Williams
  5. Well, that explains a great many things
  6. You forgot The Blue Max Goldsmith The Blue Max Suite London Symphony Orchestra Jerry Goldsmith
  7. But she is 8O Out of that mouth a sweet soprano voice comes out... and other kind of moaning Williams America, the Dream Goes On James Ingram, vocals The Boston Pops Orchestra John Williams
  8. Could be my problem? I can't f**king enter the chat :mad:
  9. The finale from Shostakovich's Festive Overture, Op. 96
  10. THE BLUE MAX Rosas (La Oreja de Van Gogh)
  11. We still don't have nothing to say.... much
  12. The best stuff Shore has written is Ed Wood
  13. BTW, I was visiting this site on a cyber, which obviusly had me logged out, and saw something very interesting, a tribute to Michael Kamen and I thought "oh, that's very nice", but whenever I log in, it does not appear to me. Strange.
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