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  1. There's a lot of stuff here that is overrated
  2. But they edited to have John Williams talking over it. And most pieces performed there, except when Lara Fabian and Josh Groban came out.
  3. Thank God "world domination" never passed through their minds
  4. But in Episode II he really deviated to something completely unexpected with that whole chase scene in capital city.
  5. I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean the other day (nice movie, BTW), and the score sounded exactly like Zimmer, but the credit was for some other guy, but later on the credits not only Zimmer's name appeared but also other clones including Glennie-Smith. This seems more like a factory of sounds instead of art, as Joe would put it.
  6. I'd do Charlotte Church too. She's busomy.
  7. Yeah she did, and quite nicely. However the work isn't that interesting. Blasphemy! That work is magnificent. Geez! But, again, I might understand you like Nick Glennie-Smith, so there. Can't make people like good stuff always.
  8. HAHAHA True But it has a sort of ruminative, kind of sad tone to it.
  9. Yes, she has a weird nose. I'd do her anyway
  10. I will trust on Rogue's criticism than other people's facts Except on Williams concerts when he conducts Haydn, Elgar and Dvorak
  11. The music in the scene where Darth Vader says "Bring my shuttle" has so perfect. The change they made sounds crappy.
  12. BTW, do you know if the Paganini caprices are available with Ruggerio Ricci? I have them on cassette, but never been able to fond it on CD
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