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  1. Ron and his twin brothers are the best characters in the series.

    The twins dont show up much in any movie but in POA they have this awesome scene when they give Harry the map. Ron has little screen time this time around.

    I read the second book, and the best and funniest scenes belonged to the twins, I was disapointed they did not include anything with them.

    :devil: Minority Report (John Williams)

  2.   Disclaimer- by reading this you are forbidden to comment negatively on the sappy/idealistic/vain aspects of this thread.  ;)

    On the contrary, it's interesting to know how people got into Williams' music or film scores in general. For me it was very different. I grew up watching John Williams on Evening at Pops, and at the same time watching the Superman movie(s) not knowing the link between Williams and the music of Superman.

  3. I just got the David Snell/Foundation Philharmonic Orchestra recording. I did not like the performance. The music is great, but this so exciting piece, he manages to make it boring in even the more fun passages.

    Still, great music, definitly a must-have!

    :wave: Williams Tuba Concerto

    Chester Schmitz, tuba

    The Boston Pops Orchestra

    John Williams

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