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  1. Like someone before me said, Cinque's Theme is already a concert arrangement. I wish Williams would have made a formal march out of the music for the droids in The Phantom Menace
  2. The cello has been found. A nurse from Los Angeles did not know about the news, she was planning to turn it into a CD cabinet :shocked: Yahoo! News
  3. I have not heard Prisoner..., but I´m looking forward to it.
  4. Hook´s score is more magical than Potter´s, though
  5. You cannot be a complete Simpsons fan not knowing who Alf Clausen is.
  6. An excerpt from the autobiography: Angela Morley Web Site Williams Pops on the March The Boston Pops Orchestra John Williams
  7. Morley has been my favorite arranger for the Boston Pops CDs. I did not know she worked on film. Everytime I see the "arr. Angela Morley" I know it's gonna sound good, whether it's Max Steiner's Gone with the Wind or Raksin's Laura to a Frank Sinatra classic like "Night and Day". It's all good!
  8. Even so, you're not getting Patti Lupone or other Broadyway singer, which would deviate more from film music, I mean it's two masters: Mancini and Herrmann.
  9. HAHAHA! That would be cool, though Really, really, enjoy the show, folks! *sigh* I know there's still people that live closed only to the idea of only film music, but can ya do
  10. You guys appreciate having the good fortune of watching John Williams live! I'll be dissapointed if there are long faces at anytime during the concert.
  11. I'm expecting a new recording by John Williams celebrating Leonard Bernstein's 100th Birthday, the way he did with George Gershwin in 1998. Performed by the Boston Symphony, no less.
  12. Sorry, it was not Merlin. For Merlin they used a rip off of Horner's Titanic sounds. But I do remember the "Flight to Neverland" ripoff being used.
  13. Unless they're more than three months away. Hector - who doesn't like to listen John Williams knowing he's playing live within reach
  14. I also heard what you might call a "Flight to Neverland" rip off a couple of years ago, I think it was when NBC was promoting its Merlin miniseries with Sam Neill.
  15. No one is interested. Unless a miracle happens, I'm afraid I won't be writting a review from that concert. MIERDE!
  16. I can't go, firstly because I need like two or three weeks to come up with the money. Friday, I can't go, but I'm free Saturday night. SCHEISSE!
  17. Furthermore, Williams could debut new Harry Potter music here! Man, how dissapointing from those secret nerd agents! *sigh*
  18. I mean, where are these mysterious agents that know all the happenings in John Williams' career?!? All obscure things that I don't care for like Sugarland Express coming out on DVD or three new seconds of music form the new Potter movie, but this very public thing, and nobody knows! Jesus H. Christ!
  19. NO! They only have the shared concert in June, but not this one! PUTA MADRE!!!
  20. Oh my holy freakin' God! Tomorrow there's a concert with John Williams conducting the Pacific Symphony in Orange County and I didnt' know! I can't believe I'm gonna miss this! So close! Pacific Symphony Web Site
  21. Whi did Ron called Snape that? He found out he was making out with Hermione? :-o
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