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  1. I agree, I saw the ad on The Apprentice show on NBC.
  2. I saw him narrating a Spielberg millenium film at the Hollywood Bowl with John Williams conducting in the summer of 2001. Then again on Mr. Williams 70th birthday celebration concert with the Los Angeles Philharmonic he narrated again with Alfre Woodward, a true gentleman will be missed. May he rest in peace.
  3. Just because you rent a video to see with a girl, any age, doesn't mean you have to go for the romantic comedy. And like nja said, her family is there too to watch the movie, it's supposed to be something for the whole family, unless nja wants to rent romantic comedies forever, I'd suggest silly comic relief, and if this goes longer, why not a suspense every now and then. Believe me, girls love that and horror movies, but in this case I do not recommend. Hector - trying not to be film-nerdy
  4. Not so much of this so-called chick flix, get comedies, remember you have the familiy in there too, everyone should get some fun. Hector - who knows 14 yeard old girls "Remember my motto is 'laughter is the best medicine'. Unless you're a diabetic, insulin is usually much better" - Norm MacDonald
  5. It's called effect. I replied to a question to one of the moderators, which is basically that in this case I did not feel happy with something, I deleted it and decided to change before anyone replied, and re post it. Hector - who finds visiting here less happy every time
  6. How annoying talking about the change of title or reedting the post *yawn* Hector - sick and tired of same ol' comments
  7. That sucks! The most important thing now is that Mr. Goldsmith gets better.
  8. And yes, that pyrotechnic of "Happy 70th" is an image of the starship Enterprise LOL
  9. These pictures were taken during his 70th birthday celebration at the Hollywood Bowl: (Photographs by Nathaniel Thompson) Please, come back to your hometown, and conduct your beautiful music!!!! We want to celebrate with you!!! PLEAAAAAAASSEEE!!!! AAAAAAARRGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! [sob --- sob] Sincerely Hector P.S. Pictures are from a Scorelogue article that can be found on this link P.S2. Damn lucky londonites
  10. Three! Fantastic! I still don't know what Horner is doing. I still have not heard the samples from The Passion, but in MovieMusic, they're raving.
  11. I'm anxious to hear a new Goldsmith score. I think The Game of Their Lives is up next, right?
  12. The Mummy, I think is one of the bestest scores, for sure. Star Trek: The Motion Picture was my first soundtrack, and it's the score that should have won Golsmith's threeo Oscars he should have, the third one: Basic Instinct. First Knight I love because, more importantly is great music, the other is that in this one Jerry did not use any other kind of sound that wasn't made by the traditional orchestra.
  13. I can't decide. You can understand by trying to vote for Williams best score.
  14. Fantastic! I hope more classics are performed here.
  15. [two hours later] Bah! Whatever...
  16. I'm there again, please join! I see plenty of members online, and some hidden.
  17. Had to go Hope to be back later
  18. It's Friday the 13th... let's chat
  19. Yes, I know. I guess because the first time it was used was on Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
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