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  1. Buck, that is funny. Hector - who also loved Jett Longnecko
  2. Well, I'm just leaving, so I won't get ahead much.
  3. That is good. I'll see it again one of this days
  4. You might be on to something Harry. Hector - suspicious
  5. Well, no problem. All forgiven. Hector - who is relieved that Weebo is ok, I hope
  6. I love anything Williams works on. I could not say what especific group of instruments Williams does better because all of them sound good. Of course in certain pieces or cues one is more astounding then in other.
  7. I loved all the action music, but lately I've found myself listening to "Zam the Assasin", and "The Arena"
  8. :mad: Damn! I got logged out again! (so it must be the school computers)
  9. I've always wanted to buy Williams on LP. I found a store in Hollywood Boulevard, but I did not have any money (and it was way too expensive)
  10. It still sounds Hornerishly fake.
  11. Who's being disrespectful?!?!? :?
  12. Man, you're pure evil! I was just, ahem, wondering about that. Hector - who loves Williams' score for E.T.
  13. "May whatever God you believe in... have mercy on your soul." -Q I love all the Q dialogue from "All Good Things..." Lucas should have hired the guy(s) to write the screenplay for AOTC
  14. :alien: :roll: You know, like Superman's name was Kal-El. Mmm?
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