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  1. At last!! Someone who's right in the head!!!!!
  2. Oh! Hector - who tought Harry had left for the day (nuts!)
  3. Augh! My friends brought this to my attention after the movie, and I never saw it! I don't know how it got by me, I'll just have to see the movie again and look for it. :spiny: Ray Barnsbury Go see it, my good man. Enjoy.
  4. I've always wanted the theme from "Meet the Press". I think it sounds more missionesque than "The Mission Theme"
  5. I just put my CD on, hehehe Zam the Assasin (Williams)
  6. You're right Justin, everytime I hear again, I like it more.
  7. So Williams makes an appearence in The Simpsons?
  8. Am I too crazy or dare I say I saw, mm, ahem, like OperaMan would say "Nippola, nippola, nippola!" Hector - who loves.... StarWars <<<this guy whistiling instead of sleeping
  9. Yes Harry, Baja California, but since americans(or like Andre Lux would say, Unitedstatedians, hehe) call it Baja, I said Baja. Hector
  10. Noooooo!!!! I'll never join you Hector
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