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  1. I read this in the StarWars.com forums, hehehe Originally posted by DCI Monkey: ===============================================1. Anakin must transform into Vader. 2. R2 and 3PO need to have memories erased! 3. Obi Wan needs to change his name to Slim Shady then realize Ben sounds better. 4. Yoda needs to end up on Dagobah 5. Padme must have twins but somehow hide her pregnancy from Anakin. 6. Palpatine must establish the Empire and crush the Republic. 7. Dooku has to die. 8. All the Jedi minus 2 must die. 9. Tarkin needs to make an appearance 10. Trade Federation must get crushed. 11. Sifo Dyas needs to be explained a bit more. 12. Qui Gon's spirit must make an appearance to apologize to Yoda for being a dumbass. 13. Jar Jar must apologize too! Then he must be executed. ....anything else? ===============================================
  2. LOL Hector - who's trying to keep up with the too-many-post people
  3. Me neither. Never cared for Bobba Fett. Thank God he ended being Sarlacc food 8O
  4. You know? In the theater I went to see the movie, a couple of people laughed when Shmi Skywalker died. And one guy you could hear him snickering throughout the whole scene, and even if this is only a movie, it felt a little uncomfortable, but I guess Lucas made a boo-boo. An action scene of Anakin trying to rescue her mother, and the sand people killing her during all this would have made more of an impact because there would have been a chance to save her, but now all of a sudden she's dead. And then this is when Anakin kills everyone in the Tusken Camp, while now appropiately DOTF playing in the background.
  5. I loved it (the...FOR ME TO POOP ON! part) LOL
  6. Yes!!! That's what Data needs to do, hehehe L O L !!!! Hector - who never liked the idea of Data having emotions
  7. Some of those special effects are still pretty good looking. I'm pissed that Lucas took the ones that looked good and changed it with CGI, and the ones that needed improvement, were left. :evil:
  8. LOL!!! I loved that part!!! My main complaint from Episode II: John Williams' hacked, butchered score. The second one: Count Cooku?!? LOL! ROTFL Any of us could have come up with a better name!
  9. Thanks man!!! Hey, how the hell do you do the "exorcist" thingie there?
  10. What?!?! I think Han Solo and the Princess is a very romantic, and very sweet. You can different types of love themes. They can be very sweet, and lovely (Love Theme from Superman) or it can be tragic, like those chromatic, dissonant love themes. So, I voted for "Yes" It is a love theme. Lucas is doing this to get girls packing movie theaters.
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