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  1. what are some examples of powell's best work that you consider better than williams? (Not asking in a combative way at all)
  2. The thing I love about the jaggedness of Her playing is that Williams loves it. I honestly would not have expected that musical pairing, and it provides even more diversity into his taste and his writing. Also seeing Williams gush over anybody makes whatever the thing is worth it
  3. We’re on the same page my friend . I also agree about mutters style, especially when she does try to slow down and be “emotional” it seems very...fake. Also, atrocious interviewer! But I suppose that isn’t her job lol. I thoroughly enjoyed her in the Tintin piece. I think that is a great piece where she really fits
  4. Understandable criticism. I suppose I was reacting rather harshly because outside of these forums most people unfortunately do not understand that live symphonic music isn't designed to replicate an idealistic blueprint. Besides MAJOR flubs (Like the SW main title one from this concert), the spontaneity of a live orchestra is part of what makes it beautiful for me, similarly to jazz. My overwhelmingly positive reaction to this concert comes from A) The AMAZING sound the brass section is able to conjure, the overall sound quality of it all and B) How this performance compares as a whole to seeing many other orchestra's adjust to williams' approach much, much worse. apart from that, when it comes to mutter, she is an amazing performer and I really dig her shit I just REALLY wish we could have gotten the original arrangement of hedwigs theme conducted by John in such great quality by such a great sounding orchestra. Really appreciate her artistry but for my own selfish and irrational reasons I would have loved to hear that piece the way it originally belonged. Anyway, absolutely can't wait for this DVD and hope it is going to be available on itunes to buy, so I don't have to RIP it
  5. has anybody recorded the stream? I saw it but didn't record, (Except for Flight to Neverland) really hoping somebody had their wits about themselves more than I...
  6. ^ if you’ve ever heard live orchestra performances, they are not supposed to sound like even tempo’d perfectly timed Mathematical equations Like the record labels insist on during an official OST. Live performances allow room for tempo changes, and allow Williams to feel out the room and each change of tempo is based on what he thinks fits best in the program. If ur going from listening on Spotify to watching a live performance and expecting “perfection” in that way, you’re not at all understanding symphonic music
  7. @Jay is there a track by track analysis of themes for rise of skywalker yet? Similarly formatted to how you had done it for the rest of the movies?
  8. was the "first order motif" or whatever people called it used at all in rise of skywalker? in the description for the album written by Neil Yung he says "Balancing light and dark side themes, the appropriate fear and dread are amplified by the skillful usage of the Emperor's associated motifs, "The Imperial March," Kylo Ren's theme, and the ominous First Order theme ("Prologue," "Journey to Exegol," and "Join Me").
  9. As I said, the best performance of the piece I’ve ever seen!
  10. Oh....yes. I must admit I never got around to checking out that album Here’s flight to neverland. Ignore the text From my aunt lol... IMG_0872.MP4
  11. WOW!!! just watched the stream. holy shit. Great performance through and through. Best live performance of Flight To Neverland I've ever heard. Close Encounters was amazing, such precision. Dartmoor 1912 was brilliant as well...Very bizarre arrangement of hedwigs theme but boy, Anne-Sophie Mutter is INSANE on that violin. The orchestra is alive during this entire show
  12. I second the question, has anybody successfully watched the stream? My US credit card doesn’t work lol. also, I’m surprised that the video edition of the program doesn’t look like it will be available on digital services (iTunes). Does anybody think there is any chance it will turn up?
  13. came here from jj arbams liner notes on ROS. What is the knights of ren motif? I definitely know the music but must have falsely labeled it as something else...
  14. For anyone who became a fan of morricone’s Over the top 70’s-80’s contemporary romance sound.... probably the most morricone thing ever.
  15. john Williams wrote my childhood, but Ennio morricone wrote my heart. This has been my favorite melody of all time since I was 8 years old. I’m so sad today
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