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  1. I wonder whether they will redo the 1989 one again? Last time they couldn't do much apart from a couple of details. The sad thing is I would probably buy it again. I don't think there was a single thing wrong with the sequel so no need to change anything there. Karol
  2. He's also the guy who composed some of the best material in Lair. And he reconstructed Superman: The Movie for Varese recording. Karol
  3. I heard it's good. Seriously though, my RCA copies are bit battered and couldn't find them at decent price. And this happened to be cheap (14 quid) so I might as well back it up. I've never actually heard those particular releases (as in as minced through the DSD filter). Karol
  4. It's good that it will be at least a trilogy of scores. I haven't seen the films and don't plan on doing that anytime soon. Karol
  5. He's shown a lot of range with Community, at least in the pastiche department, so this shouldn't be a problem. Karol
  6. Pocahontas has better songs overall whereas Hunchback is better in two other categories. Karol
  7. Some rather good recent fantasy music for me over the past couple of days: Final Fantasy VII Remake (7-disc streaming edition) God of War Lair Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings The Monkey King The Monkey King 2 Final Fantasy VII: A Symphony in Three Movements Plus Far and Away. Fantasy IV: Final Fantasy (from Square Enix's Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo album) Karol
  8. It is actually quite...good? EDIT: Looks like it has been taken down. Suppose it wasn't official then? I liked the 4-5 tracks I've heard. Will be getting this CD for sure! Karol
  9. Little Women and Oscar and Lucinda make for an excellent Newman "double feature". Wish he did more of period stuff. Actually, The Good German counts too albeit in a slightly different genre. Karol
  10. How do you guys now this is a theme and not simply some bit of underscore? Karol
  11. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings by Joel P West. It is surprisingly full-bodied. Feels like actual music, even. I am pleasantly surprised. Karol
  12. Maybe it's just me but the sketches album is a much more satisfying listening experience (especially the first 3 tracks). I feel the same about WW84 so perhaps it is not an accident. But I will give the score album another go later. Karol
  13. Perhaps it is a blessing John Williams isn't as outspoken as some other artists and keeps his beliefs and prejudices to himself. One less thing to needlessly divide people. 🙂 Karol
  14. From many interviews over the years I get an impression Davis didn't think very highly of Wachowskis. Maybe it's just his dry humour, I don't know. But I remember that he mentioned in Krakow that he didn't think music was overdone in the sequels. He has said he was working more closely with the film's editor rather than the siblings. Perhaps they simply don't like each other? Could be as simple as that. Karol
  15. I think they asked him to come back and he had to pull out. Karol
  16. RIP. Omar Little alone was iconic role that will secure him immortality. One of the great characters in fiction greatly enhanced by his performance. I also heard he was an incredibly kind person as well. So sad. Karol
  17. I managed to track down a sealed copy of McNeely's recording earlier this year for fair non-ridiculous price. I wouldn't bother tracking down Intrada because I am pretty sure a score of this stature will be reissued soon enough. Karol
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