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  1. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. It was a lot of fun, didn't expect that. Karol
  2. True, although it us funny when he talks about the necessity of creating something brand new with each score and being uncomfortable about copying concert music. 😂 Karol
  3. I'm listening to this now. I like it! Karol
  4. It's odd they didn't feature Arkenstone at all. It would work perfectly for BOTFA. Karol
  5. Between Images, The Eiger Sanction and even Always, I'd say it's a spectacular year already. For me anyway. Karol
  6. It is a very nice upgrade indeed. The score will never sound as outstanding as some other recordings from the same year but you can definitely hear an improvement. The presentation is pretty much perfect and the packaging and liner notes are great too. Happy to have this. Karol
  7. I suppose it might be time to finally watch the film. Bought a 4K Blu-ray a couple of months ago in a deal but never got around to even taking the shrink wrap off it. I absolutely adore the score as heard on the old album. Karol
  8. Just listening to this. It was so so worth the wait. Now, imagine music like this in a modern thriller. That would be considered stuck up arthouse! Indeed, the score has a certain European feel, sometimes bit Goldsmithian, sometimes bit Morriconian. But always filtered through the unmistakable Williams of the 1970s. So many different colours! Classy! Karol
  9. I suppose they could just repress it for people who missed it. To me, these two scores are one two-hour work. I like how the Spock material blossoms as the story progresses. But yes, the sound on the FSM set was absolutely fine. Karol
  10. Anyone bumping this thread on the 1st of each month and NOT posting the actual banner should be done for cyber-bullying. My shattered nerves! 😂 Karol
  11. If I were to rank those it would go something like this: 1. FOTR 2. TTT 3. ROTK 4. DOS 5. AUJ 6. BOTFA Karol
  12. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Danny Elfman. I haven't heard this in years, mostly due to the faulty rip on my computer that put me off. I have to say it has aged really well and it is one of Elfman's best integrations of orchestral and electronic elements from the mid-00s era. The score isn't perhaps full of memorable themes but seems to be structured around certain rhythmic and textural ideas that help to bind it all together. I like the songs as well. Not exactly earth-shattering but certainly way above average and definitely better than anything he's done in the genre recently. Karol
  13. I listened to the film score presentation this morning and it does indeed sound different from the other two albums. Not as harsh anymore, and definitely more spacious (pun intended). I could definitely hear new details in the recording and it helped me to better appreciate Horner's intricate musical architecture. It's a very well structured score indeed. I wonder whether they're going to redo The Search for Spock as well? And, most importantly, whether there is any way that one can be expanded upon, or improved in terms of sound. I can't remember what was the source for the FSM release. Karol
  14. I like this theme more than his movie theme. It's more graceful. Karol
  15. Haven't listened to this yet but read the liner notes and they're really great indeed. The FSM set had more traditional write-up and this is more of an essay. But clearly done by a musicians and very exciting to read as such. Insightful. Karol
  16. Yeah, it is something you might watch only once and that's it. Karol
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